ATTACHMENT III. The administration of resources awarded by the Department of Children & Families to the provider may be subject to audits as described in this attachment.
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ATTACHMENT III. Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Newspaper Guild of Detroit Local #22 3300 Book Building Detroit, MI 48226 Dear Xx. Xxxxxxx: SUBJECT: Lunch Periods During the bargaining for the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, the practice of scheduling lunch periods was discussed. The Company agreed that a maximum of one hour could be scheduled by the Company as an unpaid lunch period during a 7-1/2 work day, unless mutually upon agreed between the supervisor and the employee. So there is no misunderstanding, the practice of scheduling a 7-1/2 hour work day within a 9 hour period is no longer an option unless, as we discussed, the employee and the supervisor mutually agree to a longer period of time. This is a redraft of the letter from Xxx Xxxxxxxx to Xxx Xxxxxxx ATTACHMENT IV May 25, 2007 Xx. Xxxxx X. Mleczko President Newspaper Guild of Detroit Local 22 3300 Book Building Detroit, MI 48226-1822 Dear Xxx, The following letter of understanding sets forth our agreement on certain issues relating to overtime compensation. The parties agree that overtime compensation under Article V shall be granted to employees at their option of either:
ATTACHMENT III. Sub-License Agreement This agreement (“Agreement”), is made by and between [Insert Name of Licensee] (“Licensee”), whose principal offices are located at ____________________________________ and who is a Licensee of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (“NASDAQ OMX”), whose principal offices are located Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, 000 Xxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 and __________________________ (“Sub-Licensee”), whose principal offices are located at ____________________________________________.
ATTACHMENT III. The subrecipient is responsible for managing the spending authority, including the unit achievement levels for authorized services, so that the maximum number of consumers can be served. Final unit achievement levels may vary with the budget shown in the approved SPA as long as the net reimbursements do not exceed the total spending authority.


  • ATTACHMENT A Equity Funds This document is an attachment to the Participant Agreement with respect to the procedures to be used by (i) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing an order for the creation of Shares, (ii) the Distributor and the Transfer Agent in processing a request for the redemption of Shares and (iii) the Participant and the Transfer Agent in delivering or arranging for the delivery of requisite cash payments, Portfolio Deposits or Shares, as the case may be, in connection with the submission of orders for creation or requests for redemption. The Participant is first required to have signed the Participant Agreement. Upon acceptance of the Participant Agreement by the Distributor and the Transfer Agent, the Transfer Agent will assign a PIN Number to each Authorized Person authorized to act for the Participant. This will allow the Participant through its Authorized Person(s) to place an order with respect to Shares.

  • Appendix The following definitions shall be in effect under the Agreement:

  • Appendix I Fund Level Voluntary Limit on Other Expenses For purposes of this Appendix:

  • Schedule C Schedule C to the Agreement, setting forth the Portfolios of the Trust on behalf of which the Trust is entering into the Agreement, is hereby replaced in its entirety by Schedule C attached hereto.

  • Job Description The Employer agrees to draw up job descriptions for all positions for which the Union is bargaining agent. These descriptions shall be presented and discussed with the Union and shall become the recognized job descriptions unless the Union presents written objection within thirty (30) calendar days.

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