Army Sample Clauses

Army. In addition, Eritrea and Ethiopia had just ended a border war with each other. There were also accusations and counter-accusations between Sudan and Eritrea over support to their respective dissidents.”20 In short, there was a lack of harmony within the mediation team itself, let alone in the international community, which wanted to hijack the negotiations. As General Sumbeiywo recalled, “After the Machakos Protocol everybody wanted to come in: the French, the Dutch, the South Africans, the Arab League. But the doors had to be closed.”21 The interest of all these would be participants had to be balanced by General Sumbeiywo who recalled during an interview with ACCORD: “But what I’m saying is get everybody to buy into the ideas, not bring everybody to the table… So I said that if the parties agreed then they would be accepted. But the two parties said, “look, you are putting this problem on us and we really don’t want to appear like we’re refusing anybody. But what will do is this: you forward whatever people apply and we will not reply.” So I would tell the would-be interveners, “I’m still waiting for the parties.” And they would ask me which party so they could sort it out, and I would say “both parties haven’t replied.””22 Xxxxx Xxxxx points out that: “Apart from international pressure, the CPA would probably not have been concluded successfully if it had not been for the personal ambitions of the main two negotiators, the late Xx Xxxx Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxx, Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/A, and the former First Vice 20 Sumbeiywo, L. (2013) Interviewed by Malual Ayom Dor, Nairobi, 17 April 21 The Mediator’s Perspective: An interview with General Xxxxxx Sumbeiywo, (2006) ACCORD, p.26 22 Ibid. p.26 President Taha.” 23 Xxxx Xxxxxxx agrees that, “[t]xxxxx a success for the international community, the CPA was nonetheless a Sudanese agreement, and appeared to be a major step forward by the leadership both of the rebel Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the National Congress Party (NCP)- led government (Jobbins, 2006).24 Indeed, the personalities of the leaders (Garang and Taha) played a significant if not a primary role. Even while he was still a rebel leader, many regional and international actors accorded Xxxx Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxx the same respect as any Head-of-State. For instance, he was addressed as “His Excellency” in the signing ceremony of the CPA in 2005. Although the negotiation process was subject to various setbacks, resulting i...
Army. 4. In the early stages of the formation of the European Array, the British Army will, if desired, assist then in their planning in the following ways:
Army. XXX SXX X XXX XXXX XXX XX XX0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (NO. STREET, CITY, COUNTY, STATE, AND ZIP CODE) 8. DELIVERY E-OIR MEASUREMENTS INC. [ ] FOB ORIGIN [X] OTHER 9000 XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX 0X (SEE BELOW) P O BOX 1240 SEE SCHEDULE SXXXXXXXXXXX XX 00000 9. DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT PAYMENT TYPE BUSINESS: Other Small Business Performing in U.S. 10. SUBMIT INVOICES ITEM 12 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4 Copies Unless Otherwise Specified) CODE 3t705 FACILITY CODE To The Address Shown In: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. SHIP TO/MXXX FOR CODE 12. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY CODE HQ0338 SEE SCHEDULE DFAS - COLUMBUS CENTER SOUTH ENTITLEMENT OPERATIONS P.X. XXX 000000 XXXXXXXX, XX 00000-0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13. AUTHORITY FOR USING OTHER THAN FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION: 14. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA [ ] 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)( ) [ ] 41 U.S.C. 253(c)( ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15A. ITEM NO. 15B. SCHEDULE OF SUPPLIES/SERVICES 15C. QUANTITY 15D. UNIT 15E. UNIT PRICE 15F. AMOUNT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEE SCHEDULE CONTRACT TYPE: KIND OF CONTRACT: Time-and-Materials Service Contracts Labor-Hour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contract Expiration Date: 2005JUL19 15G. TOTAL AMOUNT OF CONTRACT --> $0.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Army. XXX XXX X XXX XXXX XXX XX XX0000 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Name And Address Of Contractor (No. Street, City, Country, State, And Zip Code) 8. Delivery IRVINE SENSORS CORP [ ] FOB Origin [x] Other (See Below) SEE SCHEDULE 0000 XXXXXXX XXX XXXX 0 XXXXX 000 ------------------------------------------------- COSTA MESA CA 92626-4529 9. Discount For Promat Payment
Army. XXX XXX X XXX XXXX XXX XX XX0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. Name And Address Of Contractor (No. Street, City, County, State, And Zip Code) 8. Delivery MECAR SA [X] FOB Origin [_] Other (See Below) RUE GRINFAUX 50 ------------------------------------------------- PETIT-ROEULX-LEZ-NIVELLES 0000 XXXXXXX 9. Discount For Prompt Payment ------------------------------------------------- 10. Submit Invoices Item TYPE BUSINESS: Foreign Concern/Entity (4 Copies Unless Otherwise Specified) 12 To The Address Shown In: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Code B1094 Facility Code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11. Ship To/Xxxx For Code ______ 12. Payment Will Be Made By Code HQ0349 SEE SCHEDULE DFAS- KLEBER KASERNE EU/RFPT ------- DCMA SECTION GEGE 3211, BLDG XXXXXX, XX 218-219 MANNHEIM XXXXXXX 00000 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX
Army. Sections of Department of the Army Regulation (AR) 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement, set forth policy, procedures, and responsibilities for the conservation, management, and restoration of land and natural resources consistent with the military mission and in consonance with national policies. In fulfilling their conservation responsibilities, paragraph 4-3d(5)(v) authorizes installations to participate in regional/habitat-wide efforts to conserve candidate species and Army-designated Species at Risk (SAR). Paragraph 4-3d(6) provides authority for managing SAR and their habitats. Specific SAR guidance is found in Army Species at Risk Policy and Implementing Guidance, dated 15 September 2006. An update to this list completed in March 2015, identifies the PYTH as a Level 1 priority SAR. The SAR policy encourages proactive management efforts for SAR and their habitats, before Federal protection under the ESA is necessitated, and further encourages installations to capitalize on partnerships and agreements when managing for such species. The DOD buffering authority mentioned above is implemented by the Department of the Army with the Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) Program. Installations with approved ACUB plans have authority to work with partners to protect and restore habitat outside the installation if those activities are deemed beneficial to sustaining the installation's military mission. Installations with pending or approved ACUB plans within the geographic extent of this CCA include Fort Huachuca. The Army's execution of this authority is through cooperative agreements and subject to DOD 3210.6-R, the DOD Grant and Agreement Regulation. Such agreements are for the purposes of limiting incompatible development near installations, as well as preserving habitat that is compatible with environmental requirements and that may eliminate or relieve environmental restrictions that would restrict, impede the military mission of the installation. The Interim Army Implementation Guidance for Encroachment Authorities memorandum dated 24 February 2012 establishes an encroachment management framework and enables the Army to address encroachment issues.
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Army. “Army” means the United States Department of the Army.
Army. XXX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.Name And Address of Contractor 8. Delivery (No, Street, City, County, State, And Zip Code) HI ENERGY MICRODEVICES, INC. |_| FOB Origin |x| Other 10 MAUCHLY DRIVE (See Below) IRVINE, CA 92618-2306 SEE SCHEDULE ------------------------------- 9. Discount For Prompt Payment ------------------------------- 10. Submit Invoices Item TYPE BUSINESS: Other Small Business (4 Copies Unless 12 Performing in U.S. Otherwise Specified) ------------------------------------------------- Code 076M8 Facility Code To The Address Shown As: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.Ship To/Mark For Code 12. Paxxxxt Will Be Made By Code HQ0339 SEE SCHEDULE DFAS-COLUMBUS CENTER WEST ENTITLEMENT OPERATIONS P O BOX 182381 XXXXXXXX, XX 00000-0000