Other Species Sample Clauses

Other Species. Surveys for other federally-listed species will not be required of the Cooperators as a condition to participating in this Agreement. However, neither regulatory assurances nor incidental take authorizations will be conveyed to a Cooperator for any federally-listed species that is not identified in his/her Certificate of Inclusion as a “covered species.” If other federally-listed species are known to exist on an enrolled property, the Parties will seek cooperative and comprehensive solutions with the Cooperator to tailor his/her management actions to avoid take of and/or to minimize any disturbance to the non-covered species.
Other Species. The Cooperator is not required to survey for other federally- listed species. However, neither this XXXX nor the Certificate provides regulatory assurances or incidental take authorization, respectively for species other than the Covered Species.
Other Species. Prices for species other than white fir shall be adjusted at the end of each 3-month period during the contract year, retroactive to the beginning of such 3-month period, so that the amount paid by Xxxxxxx to UST for each species shall equal the average net delivered price for logs of that species (and of similar diameter and grade as logs being sold to Xxxxxxx) sold by UST from the UST lands to unaffiliated third parties in arm's-length transactions during such calendar quarter. In computing the average net delivered price, the difference in haul distances as compared to hauling to the Xxxxx shall be taken into consideration. If UST sales are not sufficient to establish price adjustments for any quarter, then the parties may rely on the best evidence available to them to establish a fair market value price for logs during the quarter in question. Any disputes over application of this paragraph shall be resolved by arbitration according to the arbitration procedures set forth on Exhibit D attached hereto, and the decision in such arbitration shall be final and binding upon the parties.

Related to Other Species

  • Quality Specifications SANMINA-SCI shall comply with the quality specifications set forth in its Quality Manual, incorporated by reference herein, a copy of which is available from SANMINA-SCI upon request.

  • Underground Storage Tanks To Company's knowledge, the Premises do not contain, and have never contained, any underground storage tanks. With respect to any underground storage tank that is listed in the Company Disclosure Statement as an exception to the foregoing, to Company's knowledge, each such underground storage tank presently or previously located on Premises are or has been maintained or removed, as applicable, in compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws, and has not been the source of any release of a Hazardous Substance to the environment which has not been remediated.

  • Classification Specifications The Employer agrees to supply the President of the Union or his/her designate with the classification specifications for those classifications in the Bargaining Unit.

  • Power Factor Design Criteria (Reactive Power An Asynchronous Generating Facility shall operate within a power factor within the range of 0.95 leading to 0.95 lagging, measured at the Point of Interconnection as defined in this LGIA in order to maintain a specified voltage schedule, if the Phase II Interconnection Study shows that such a requirement is necessary to ensure safety or reliability. The power factor range standard can be met by using, for example, power electronics designed to supply this level of reactive capability (taking into account any limitations due to voltage level, real power output, etc.) or fixed and switched capacitors, or a combination of the two, if agreed to by the Participating TO and CAISO. The Interconnection Customer shall not disable power factor equipment while the Asynchronous Generating Facility is in operation. Asynchronous Generating Facilities shall also be able to provide sufficient dynamic voltage support in lieu of the power system stabilizer and automatic voltage regulation at the generator excitation system if the Phase II Interconnection Study shows this to be required for system safety or reliability.

  • Registry Performance Specifications Registry Performance Specifications for operation of the TLD will be as set forth in Specification 10 attached hereto (“Specification 10”). Registry Operator shall comply with such Performance Specifications and, for a period of at least one (1) year, shall keep technical and operational records sufficient to evidence compliance with such specifications for each calendar year during the Term.

  • Health plan specification The Employer will require health plans participating in the Group Insurance Program to develop and implement health promotion and health education programs for State employees and their dependents.

  • Storage Tanks If storage tanks storing Hazardous Materials located on the Premises or the Project are used by Tenant or are hereafter placed on the Premises or the Project by Tenant, Tenant shall install, use, monitor, operate, maintain, upgrade and manage such storage tanks, maintain appropriate records, obtain and maintain appropriate insurance, implement reporting procedures, properly close any storage tanks, and take or cause to be taken all other actions necessary or required under applicable state and federal Legal Requirements, as such now exists or may hereafter be adopted or amended in connection with the installation, use, maintenance, management, operation, upgrading and closure of such storage tanks. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Tenant shall have no right to use or install any underground storage tanks at the Project.

  • CLOUD SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS To the extent that Contractor has received an award for Lot 3, Cloud, the following terms and conditions apply to Lot 3, Cloud. For the duration of an Authorized User Agreement, the Cloud Solution shall conform to the Cloud Solution Manufacturer’s specifications, Documentation, performance standards (including applicable license duration, warranties, guarantees, Service Level Agreements, service commitments, and credits). PROTECTION OF DATA, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOFTWARE Contractor is responsible for providing physical and logical security for all Data, infrastructure (e.g. hardware, networking components, physical devices), and software related to the services the Contractor is providing under the Authorized User Agreement. All Data security provisions agreed to by the Authorized User and Contractor within the Authorized User Agreement may not be diminished for the duration of the Authorized User Agreement without prior written agreement by the parties amending the Authorized User Agreement.

  • RE-WEIGHING PRODUCT Deliveries are subject to re- weighing at the point of destination by the Authorized User. If shrinkage occurs which exceeds that normally allowable in the trade, the Authorized User shall have the option to require delivery of the difference in quantity or to reduce the payment accordingly. Such option shall be exercised in writing by the Authorized User.

  • General specifications 6.1.1. The vehicle, its engine and its sound reduction system shall be so designed, constructed and assembled as to enable the vehicle, in normal use, despite the vibration to which it may be subjected, to comply with the provisions of this Regulation.