The Competition Sample Clauses

The Competition. The Event shall consist of the following Competitions: - «Wettkämpfe_1» - «Wettkämpfe_2» - «Wettkämpfe_3» The above dates may be subject to modifications as set forth in this Agree- ment.
The Competition unless already confirmed as a bracketed draw (see clause 4.4), will become a random draw from the Quarterfinal stage with teams being drawn in pairs, the first team drawn being the home team, and the second team the away team. Away teams may be required to travel, at their own cost, throughout New Zealand to participate in the final three rounds of matches. NZR, subject to the availability of competition funding and sponsorship, may be able to support teams in meeting these travel costs and the extent of this will be communicated when NZR calls for team entries in March each year.
The Competition. The first edition of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli International Piano Competition will take place in Brescia, from the 20th to the 28th of October 2023. The organizer of the Competition is G.I.A. Association – Giovani Interpreti Associati – APS.
The Competition. The initial description of the task was made available in December 2009 along with all necessary interfacing code, though some addition and fixes came over the fol- lowing months as bugs or imprecisions were pointed out by contestants. Starting from February 2010, contestants had access to the evaluation cluster and could check the score of their submission and their ranking. Students had then up to April to work on their implementation. Then, a shortlist of five finalist teams, whose submis- sion had the best performance, was selected and these teams could use the remaining time before the beginning of the conference, in June, to continue improving their implementation.Setting up the evaluation cluster, eight dedicated PCs running a 64bit version of Linux on a single-core CPU, was not completely straightforward. First, it was criti- cal to ensure the security of the machines and the non- disclosure of the contents of the benchmarks, whereas contestants were allowed to run arbitrary code on the clus- ter. The solution chosen was to run each submission as a new unprivileged Linux user without any write access to any part of the disk (except for a temporary directory that was emptied after each evaluation), and to set up a strict firewall that prevented any information leaking outside the cluster. Second, for scores to be meaningful, evalua- tion times had to be reproducible from one run to another. This led us to use dedicated servers rather than virtualiza- tion, to clear all system caches across runs, and to ensure, as much as possible, that no concurrent processes were active on the cluster nodes. Third, it turned out that con- testants encountered problems (crashes, timeouts) while running their submissions on the evaluation workloads that they were not able to reproduce on their test bench- marks. To help them with debugging, we provided them with stack traces and other similar crash information, from the execution log of the evaluation. This, however, could not be automated, because of potential leaks of de- tailed information about the content of the benchmarks, and resulted in a time-consuming task for the organizers. A total of 29 teams took part in the competition, from 23 different institutions in 13 countries. An amazing collective effort was put in this contest, with some teams literally dedicating months of working time to the com- petition. As a result, leading implementations are impres-sively sophisticated and efficient.The five finalist te...
The Competition. 4.1 Each Local TV Company shall be entitled to operate the Competition as part of the license of Television Rights. The form of the Competition is to take in each Relevant Country and (other than those set out in 4.2 below) the prizes to be awarded to the Winning Artist shall be approved by Pearson and 19 TV.
The Competition. Novo Nordisk is now launching the process to identify the Golden Ticket winner for 2022 and wishes to invite interested life-sciences and biotech start-ups to submit proposals (the
The Competition. The $15M of new funding to be targeted to a competition for Science and Technology Innovation Centres Operations Support for fiscal years 2011-12 and 2012-13 will augment the $9M in funding support which was previously allocated to support the operations of the innovation centres for those years. The competition will be launched in June 2010 with a decision from the Board of Directors on successful applicants given in March 2011. The competition will be open to all currently funded innovation centres (6) in Canada, as well as potential new innovation centres that meet the eligibility requirements. To ensure the most excellent innovation centres are funded, all applications will be assessed by an international panel of experts through a rigorous review process. The successful applicants from this competition must demonstrate that they are centres of innovation, and that they have the ability and desire to build collaborations amongst each other in order to build even stronger hubs of technological innovation. The successful applicants must demonstrate their ability to develop and adopt new technologies and methods, ability to provide high quality technology services, including bioinformatics and data analysis, to their clients.
The Competition. Describes how the competition is to be conducted.
The Competition. The Event shall consist of the following Competitions: - HS XXX to be held on XX.XX.XXXX The above dates may be subject to modifications as set forth in this Agree- ment.
The Competition. A moot is an argument (and not a debate) between students acting as advocates representing different parties in a legal action (a case). The facts and history together with supporting material and authorities are given in advance to the students. The aim is to reproduce, as closely as possible, the discussion and argument of a genuine hearing in the EFTA Court. The case is based upon an area of EEA Law and has been prepared by a writing committee of the organisers and external experts. The organisers are aware that many participants in this moot will not have mooted extensively before. Accordingly, the organisers have established a full bundle of supporting materials and authorities. This bundle encompasses all the authorities which teams are permitted to refer to in this case. Teams which cite authorities outside of the bundle will not be penalised, but nor will they be rewarded for doing so. For the avoidance of doubt, judgments and opinions cited within the cases listed in the bundle will also be considered as falling within the bundle.