Abstracts Sample Clauses

Abstracts. When the scheduled time for presentation of a paper does not permit formal review and approval of a complete report, abstracts may be used for notification of intent to present a paper based on the study. Such presentation must protect the interests of the other party by the inclusion of a statement in the paper and in the presentation to the effect that the paper has not been reviewed by the other party or FHWA or FTA.
Abstracts. The Board will pay for all driving abstracts required by the Board, and a copy will be provided to the bargaining unit member upon request.
Abstracts. Updated abstracts, if applicable, for each Acquired Real Property parcel, dated subsequent to the date hereof (the “Abstracts”).
Abstracts. The district shall pay the cost of all abstracts ordered on contracted school bus operators from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. School bus operators must report any violations and/or non-compliance issue to the Administration.
Abstracts. Buyer shall have received the Abstracts, and the Abstracts reflect a state of title that is reasonably satisfactory to Buyer.
Abstracts. Within 60 days after the date hereof, Sellers shall cause to be prepared by a title abstractor reasonably acceptable to Buyer and delivered to Buyer abstracts of title for the Real Property and the Leased Property (other than office and warehouse space) and the System Property (the "Abstracts") showing, in customary detail, the state of title to such Transferred Assets, including the legal description and any other identification of such Transferred Assets, the instruments creating or evidencing such Transferred Assets and the encumbrances affecting such Transferred Assets.
Abstracts. 1. Loe YC, Rodriguez N, Scxxxxx J-X, X Xxx Mass Xxxxxxxxxxric Method to Quantify Blood Hydroxycitrate Concentration in Human Subjects, The FASEB Journal, 14:A212, Abs. 158.1, 2000.
Abstracts. English KL, Pattarini XX Xxxxxxx CH, Xxxxxx-Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx preserves muscle and strength and enhances recovery following bed rest. Exper Biol Xxx Xxxxxx. San Diego April 2012. English KL, Xxxxxxxxx XX, Xxxxxxx XX et al. Preserving muscle mass and strength with nutrition during unloading. NASA HRP Investigators’ Workshop, Houston. Feb 2012. English KL, Xxxxxxxxx XX, et al. Unable to exercise? Preserve muscle with nutrition. Sealy Center, Forum on Aging. Galveston. Nov 2011. English KL, Xxxxxxx XX, Xxxxxxxxx XX, et al. Leucine attenuates the loss of lean tissue mass and muscle strength during 14 d of bed rest disuse. Nat Center Human Perf 2011 Annual Meeting, Houston. November 2011. Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx XX, Xxxxxxxxx XX, et al. Muscular endurance and neuromuscular function following 14 days of bed rest in middle-aged adults Menon. A Prospective Cohort Study of Acute Kidney Injury in Multi-Day Ultramarathon Runners. Society Acad Emerg Med. Law J. Emergency medical planning for commercial spaceflight events. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2012;83:304 Blue B. Commercial spaceflight passenger tolerance of acceleration exposure during centrifuge-simulated suborbital spaceflight. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2012;83:303. FAA XXX RESEARCH Definition and Design of Medical & Physiological Database Law and Xxxxxxx Application of JSC’s Human System Risk Management Approach to Commercial Suborbital & Orbital Flights Law and Xxxxxxx Flight Crew Medical Standards & Passenger Acceptance Criteria Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Wearable Biomedical Monitoring Equipment Menon Testing & Training of Personnel and Equipment Evaluation in High-G profiles using NASTAR Centrifuge Pattarini and Blue RESIDENTS IN AEROSPACE MEDICINE RAM BOWL In May 2012, the residents participated in the 5th Annual Residents in Aerospace Medicine “RAM Bowl” and defeated 3 teams from the U.S. Air Force and 3 teams from the U.S. Army/Navy program to capture the traveling Xxxxx Xxxxx "RAM Bowl" Trophy. UTMB has won this competition 4 times. This event was attended by approximately 250 and was a highlight of the scientific meeting. ATTACHMENT A AEROSPACE MEDICINE RESIDENTS Since 1996 Resident Name Training Yrs Program Location Completed Yes No Xxxxx, Xxxx (MS) 1996-1998 🗸 Flight Surgeon, NASA-Xxxxxxx Space Center, Houston, TX Xxxx, Xxxxxxx (MS) 1997-1999 🗸 Flight Surgeon, NASA-Xxxxxxx Space Center, Houston, TX Xxxxx, Xxx (MS) 1997-1999 🗸 Flight Surgeon, NASA-Xxxxxxx Space Center, Houston, TX Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx (MS) 1998-200...
Abstracts. The Board shall pay the cost of the required driving abstract, random drug testing and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation check, for Bus Drivers and Chauffeurs. Transportation employees who are required to report for random drug testing will be paid a minimum of one (1) hour for each time they are selected.
Abstracts. O.S. Xxxx, X. Xxxx, X.X. Xxxxxx, X. Xxxxxxx, Do small surface strains in the New Madrid seismic zone reflect a physical process? Abstract, G43C-01, presented at 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif. 5-9 Dec, 2011. Xxxxx, X., X. Xxxxxxx, X. Xxxxxxxxxxx, Modeling Earth Deformation from the 2011 Inundation in the Mississippi River Basin using Hydrologic and Geodetic Data, Abstract G41A-0891, presented at 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif. Dec 3-7, 2012. Xxxxx, X. X. X., and Xxxxxxx, R., Noise Reduction in High-Rate GPS Seismograms by Array Phase Match Filtering. Seis. Res. Lett, 82, , 353, 2011. Xxxxxxx, X., Xxxxx, M., Xxxxx, X., Xxxxxxxxxxx, X., and Xxxxx, J., New Madrid Seismic Zone Deformation Field from the GPS Array for Mid-America. Seis. Res. Lett, 82, , 324, 2011. Thesis Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Elastic Deformation of the Earth’s crust from surface loading phenomena, Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Memphis, 117 pp., May 2014. (Publication date after termination of grant, but work performed during reporting period.) Known Publications using GAMA network data by authors other than the PIs