San Carlos definition

San Carlos means San Carlos Resources Inc., an Arizona corporation.
San Carlos means San Carlos Resources Inc., xx Xrizona corxxxxxxon which is, as ox xxx date of this Agreement, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. Tax Agreement:
San Carlos means San Carlos Resources Inc., an Arizona corporation, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

Examples of San Carlos in a sentence

  • The Company acquired a 100% interest in the San Carlos claims by staking and purchased a 100% interest in the San Jose claim subject to a 2% NSR.

  • The Escondida deposit is the faulted extension of the Mina Vieja and El Salto sub-deposits and is believed to be continuous to the northeast with the Gap, El Victor and San Carlos mineralized areas.

  • Under a royalty agreement covering three mineral concessions, Cia Minera shall pay to Minerales de Avino royalties of 3.5% on mineral extracted, processed and sold from the Unification La Platosa, San Carlos and San Jose concessions.

  • Although zones are often bounded by post-mineral faults, together they form a trend of 2.7 km of gold mineralization starting at the north end of the Estrella pit to the San Carlos deposit.Within the larger Mulatos Group of Concessions, and generally within 20 km from the Mulatos deposit, geologically similar high sulfidation gold deposits, occurrences, or prospects are known.

  • In connection with the sale of the San Carlos property, the Company received a note receivable in the principal amount of $8,000.

  • The Mulatos deposit is itself divided into a number of mineralized zones known as Estrella, Mina Vieja, El Salto, Escondida, Gap, El Victor, El Victor North, San Carlos, Puerto del Aire, Puerto del Aire Extension, and East Estrella.

  • The current Mulatos open pit complex consists of the main Mulatos pit and the adjacent Victor and San Carlos pits.

  • Mining at San Carlos ceased in the third quarter of 2018.In September 2017, the Company completed construction of La Yaqui Phase I.

  • This has been seen at San Carlos and similar potential is currently being investigated in Gap, El Victor and Puerto del Aire.

  • In connection with his employment by the Company, the Executive shall be based at the principal executive offices of the Company in the vicinity of Overland Park, Kansas, San Carlos, California, or Bellevue, Washington (the “Place of Performance”), except for travel reasonably required for Company business.

More Definitions of San Carlos

San Carlos means the Issuer's San Carlos, California
San Carlos means the Issuer’s San Carlos, California facility. “SEC” means the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
San Carlos means the City of San Carlos, a municipal corporation and general law city duly organized and existing in the County under the constitution and laws of the state.

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