Tax Administrator definition

Tax Administrator. The Certificate Administrator, in its capacity as tax administrator hereunder, or any successor tax administrator appointed as herein provided.

Examples of Tax Administrator in a sentence

  • Rules and regulations of general application shall be mailed, or otherwise provided, to all registered Operators.[Adopted 2018-197 eff 10/01/2018] 770.060 DefinitionsAs used in this Chapter, the following definitions apply:(A) “Board” means the Linn County Board of Commissioners.(B) “Certificate of Authority” means the authorizing document issued by the Tax Administrator to a Provider or Intermediary that signifies that they are registered as an Operator in Linn County.

  • A determination becomes final if a petition for redetermination is not timely filed.(B) If a petition for redetermination is filed within the allowable period, the Tax Administrator shall reconsider the determination and grant an oral hearing if requested.

  • If the Tax Administrator determines that the tax was collected and remitted to the County and the Occupant was not required to pay the tax or overpaid, the County shall issue a refund.

  • Authority 770.300 Registration of OperatorEvery Person engaging in, or about to engage in, business as a Provider or Intermediary of Transient Lodging located in Linn County shall provide a completed registration form to the Tax Administrator within fifteen (15) calendar days after commencing business.

  • The petitioner shall be allowed at least twenty (20) business days to prepare for the hearing.(C) After considering the petition and all available information, the Tax Administrator shall issue a redetermination decision and mail the decision to the petitioner.

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Tax Administrator means any tax administrator appointed pursuant to Section 8.13 (or, in the absence of any such appointment, the Trustee).
Tax Administrator means the person appointed by Council to that position under the Taxation Law;
Tax Administrator means a person appointed by Council under subsection 3(1) to administer this Law;
Tax Administrator. WFB, in its capacity as tax administrator hereunder, or any successor tax administrator appointed as herein provided.
Tax Administrator means PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, a limited liability partnership formed under the laws of the State of Delaware, when acting in its capacity as tax administrator of the Investing Pool on behalf of the Administrator.
Tax Administrator means the individual charged with direct responsibility for administration of a tax on income levied by a municipal corporation and includes:
Tax Administrator means the person within the Rhode Island Department of Revenue as described in RIGL § 44-1-1 et seq.