Commercial property definition

Commercial property means property formerly or currently used primarily for business, retail, governmental or professional purposes.
Commercial property means that term as defined in section 2 of the obsolete property rehabilitation act, 2000 PA 146, MCL 125.2782.
Commercial property means property classified as commercial, industrial, railroad, utility, or multiresidential for property tax purposes under rules 701—71.1(405,427A,428,441,499B), 701—76.1(434), and 701—77.1(428,433,437,438).

Examples of Commercial property in a sentence

Investments 2019£ 2018£ Commercial property rents248,448 254,756 Income from listed investments44,998 34,042 Interest receivable95 - Wayleaves1 1 293,542 288,799 5.

Commercial property is also subject to risks related to the type of use associated with the property, and the prosperity of the local or national economy relevant to the tenants and their business.

Commercial property agents confirm the view that East Hampshire is not a major location for business investment, compared to parts of the Solent area or the M3 corridor.

Commercial property now accounts for 9% of all outstanding lending, well below its peak of around 12%, and broadly in line with the long run average of 8%.As at 30 May 2014, ten year gilt yields were 2.6%, compared to 1.8% at the end of March 2013.

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Commercial property means land improvements classified by law for general ad valorem tax purposes as real property including real property assessable as personal property pursuant to sections 8(d) and 14(6) of the general property tax act, 1893 PA 206, MCL 211.8 and 211.14, whether completed or in the process of construction, the primary purpose and use of which is the operation of a commercial business enterprise and shall include office, engineering, research and development, warehousing parts distribution, retail sales, hotel or motel development, and other commercial facilities. Commercial business enterprise also includes a business that owns or operates a transit-oriented development or a transit-oriented facility. Commercial property does not include any of the following:
Commercial property means a building used in a trade or business or held for the production of income.
Commercial property means real property on which is located a business, government, or nonprofit establishment.
Commercial property means a building used for retail, office, or other business uses not otherwise classified as residential use pursuant to the Iowa state building code.
Commercial property means the address or location provided by you when your placed an Order in respect of which you request a Report which is either (a) a commercial property used solely for carrying on a trade or business or is intended for commercial use or (b) a property or site which is intended to be developed;
Commercial property means an improved parcel of land used for the sale of goods or services including, but not limited to dining establishments, motor vehicle services, warehouse and distribution facilities, retail services, banks, office buildings, multi-purpose buildings that house more than one occupation, commercial condominiums for retail or wholesale use, non-residential living accommodations, recreation facilities, entertainment facilities, hotels, and motels. Commercial property includes the lot or land on which the building(s) is situated and accessory improvements located on a commercial lot such as paving and storage buildings;
Commercial property means a property used for the sale of goods or services and for the purposes of this By-law shall include office buildings, private nursing homes, hotels, motels, licensed premises and private clubs, and any building that is used in conjunction with these uses, but does not include any mixed-use commercial property that contains dwelling units.