Rights Appurtenant Sample Clauses

Rights Appurtenant. The City and the Property Owner hereby declare their express intent that the covenants and restrictions of this Agreement shall run with the land, and shall pass to and be binding upon all parties having any interest in the Property, including all successors in title to the Property. Each and every contract, deed, lease or other instrument covering, conveying or otherwise transferring the Property or any interest therein, as the case may be, shall conclusively be held to have been executed, delivered and accepted subject to this Agreement regardless of whether the other party or parties to such contract have actual knowledge of this Agreement.
Rights Appurtenant. The Licensee shall have, as appurtenant to the License hereby granted, the non-exclusive use, in common with others entitled thereto, of the Premises for the period of this License and only for the purposes of the Permitted Use defined in Section 1.
Rights Appurtenant. Subject to the reservations and restrictions contained herein, and subject to the rights, restrictions and limitations of Lessor’s title thereto, Lessor does hereby further lease, let, and demise unto Lessee, during the term hereof, the following rights:
Rights Appurtenant. This declaration is intended to be a covenant running with the land and shall bind and inure to the benefit of the heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of each present and future owner of the Property described herein.

Related to Rights Appurtenant

  • Appurtenances All rights, privileges, covenants and declarations appurtenant to the Land and the Easements (as hereinafter defined), all development rights and air rights relating to the Land and the Easements, and any and all easements, rights-of-way and other appurtenances used in connection with the beneficial use and enjoyment of the Land, including all of the right, title, and interest, if any, of Seller in and to the land in the bed of any public street, road or avenue, in front of or adjoining the Land, to the center line thereof, and all water, water rights, water stock, minerals, and mineral rights of every kind (including without limitation, oil, gas, and other hydrocarbon substances) on or under the Land owned by Seller and not previously conveyed or reserved of record, all of the foregoing, only to the extent that such rights and privileges can be conveyed. Service Agreement No. 1631

  • Improvements The buildings, structures, fixtures, additions, enlargements, extensions, modifications, repairs, replacements and improvements now or hereafter erected or located on the Land (collectively, the “Improvements”);

  • Vehicles and Equipment Consultant will furnish all vehicles, equipment, tools, and materials used to provide the Services required by this Agreement. Client will not require Consultant to rent or purchase any equipment, product, or service as a condition of entering into this Agreement.

  • Sidewalks entrances, passages, elevators, vestibules, stairways, corridors, halls, lobby and any other part of the Building shall not be obstructed or encumbered by any Tenant or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress to and from each tenant’s premises. Landlord shall have the right to control and operate the common portions of the Building and exterior facilities furnished for common use of the tenants (such as the eating, smoking, and parking areas) in such a manner as Landlord deems appropriate.