Wrecker Service definition

Wrecker Service means any legal entity, corporation, partnership, or individual person, either as principal, agent, or employee, in the business of removing, towing, and/or storing wrecked, disabled, or abandoned automobiles or other vehicles by the use of a wrecker or other towing device.
Wrecker Service means an individual, association, corporation, or other legal entity that controls, operates, or directs the operation of one or more tow trucks over a public roadway in this state.
Wrecker Service as used herein shall mean an individual, partnership, corporation or other business entity for hire in the recovery, towing or removal of wrecked, disabled, stolen, illegally parked or abandoned vehicles and those vehicles which constitute an obstruction to traffic.

Examples of Wrecker Service in a sentence

  • Please contact me if you would prefer to receive copies by mail.One complaint has been filed against Home Wrecker Service.

  • Bob Smith, or Bob Smith dba Bob Smith’s Wrecker Service, or Bob Smith’s Wrecker Service, Inc.

  • Each AA Wrecker Service and each G Wrecker Service with storage shall have a business sign at the business location.

  • Ours Garage & Wrecker Service, Inc., 536 U.S. 424, 435 (2002) (noting inapplicability of the Russello presumption where provisions in the same statute are distinctly formulated).

  • Officers subject to the ten (10) hours, four (4) day workweek shall include, but not be limited to, the following or successors in function: Off-Duty Employment Property Crimes Homicide Robbery Sex Crimes Night C.I.D. Detectives Repeat Offenders Program Technical Investigations Detail Financial Crimes Vehicle Crimes Wrecker Service Officers assigned to the above units will continue to work the hours currently prescribed for those units and with lunch and break hours currently provided.

  • The owner must make arrangements with the Wrecker Service to retrieve the vehicle.

  • Butte Montana 59702 406-494-3394 Pacific Steel & Recycling 905 Gaylord Street Butte, MT 59701 406-782-0402 Red Wrecker Service 520 Holmes Ave.

  • Consider approval of an ordinance amending Chapter 30, Article III – Wrecker Service of the City of Marshall Code of Ordinances.

  • Nuisances: Yard Violations YV21, Board Ups BU21, Wrecker Service WR212.

  • Applies to vehicles / manufactured homes / commercial trailers / boats/ outboard motors titled in another state, or which do not have a certificate of title, or have a certificate of title on which an active lien is not recorded, or are excluded from PRO C ESS 1 by 42O.S. § 91(D), or on which the lien claimant is either a licensed Class AA Wrecker Service orSalvage Pool, as defined in 47 O.S. § 591.2. SECTION II / PART 1 of this information packet contains procedural instructions relating to PRO C ESS 2.

More Definitions of Wrecker Service

Wrecker Service means any persons, firms, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, trusts or associations, whether or not such Wrecker Service maintains an office within the geographic or jurisdictional limits of the City of Jesup, Georgia or of Wayne County, Georgia, that is nonethelessregularly engaged in (i) the business of Towing or hauling wrecked or disabled motor vehicles for hire within the City of Jesup, Georgia, (ii) the Removing any vehicle or article of equipment within the City of Jesup, Georgia for hire, compensation or barter exchange, (iii) changing or altering, by Towing, hauling, lifting, Removing or transporting, the location of vehicles or trailers or articles of equipment from its then-current location to an alternative location, or (iv) Storing vehicles or articles of equipment that have been the subject of Towing, Removing or similar activities. Section 22-502 Findings and Intent a. The Board of Commissioners of the City of Jesup, Georgia desires to promote the public safety, health and welfare of the citizens of, and visitors to, the City of Jesup, Georgia and likewise the various businesses and commercial establishments that are situated in the City of Jesup, Georgia, and in connection therewith, to provide for the safe and orderly operation of Car Carriers, Flatbeds, Low Boys, Tow Trucks or Wreckers and related vehicles in the City of Jesup, Georgia, and likewise to provide for certain minimum standards applicable to such Car Carriers, Flatbeds, Low Boys, Tow Trucks or Wreckers, the Owners and Operators of such Car Carriers, Flatbeds, Low Boys, Tow Trucks or Wreckers and Wrecker Services in the City of Jesup, Georgia. b. The measures undertaken in this Article will, among other benefits, assist in promoting the following benefits for the citizens of, and visitors to, the City of Jesup, Georgia, who use or who are otherwise exposed to the highways, streets, roads, alleys, lanes, or rights-of-way of, or within, the territorial or jurisdictional limits of the City of Jesup, Georgia:

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