Work Actions definition

Work Actions. The BOARD and the ASSOCIATION subscribe to the principle that differences shall be resolved by peaceful and appropriate means, without interruption of the school program. The ASSOCIATION therefore agrees that it will not condone, aide or abet (directly or indirectly) any strikes, work stoppages, slowdown, or other concerted refusal to perform work by the EMPLOYEES covered by this Agreement during the life of this Agreement. Upon notification from the BOARD of any unauthorized work stoppage, the ASSOCIATION shall make public that it does not endorse work stoppage and will use its efforts to end any unauthorized work stoppage.

Examples of Work Actions in a sentence

  • In September 2001 came to force Act on Rehabilitative Work Actions and in 1.1.2004 according to this law labour and social authorities are obliged together with the unemployed to make an employment plan/activation plan.

  • Strikes Have Decreased and Nonstrike Work Actions Have Increased during the 1990sThe incidence of strikes in the airline industry has decreased over time.

  • Approval to correct a clerical error in the standing Board agenda item, Review of Report of Emergency Public Work Actions in Response to the South Napa County Earthquake and Possible Determination of the Need to Continue the Emergency Public Work, correcting the Board Resolution number cited from "No. 2014-103" to "No. 2014-107" with direction to the Clerk of the Board to make all necessary changes in Board records.

  • Select the new order in the Work Queue then click on Accept Order under the Work Actions on the left.

  • Once registered, people can access the following services through the website's menu: "People", "Advertisements", "Activities", "Work", "Actions", "Favorites" and "Success Stories".

  • The law also obliges municipalities to arrange Rehabilitative Work Actions to the long-term unemployed members of the municipality.

  • The Board of Governors adopt the guidance provided in INDG417(rev1) ‘Leading Health and Safety at Work: Actions for Directors, Board Members, Business Owners and Organisations of All Sizes (HSE, 2013).

  • However, the value of these operators’ assets could be significantly affected – i.e. their use could be ‘impaired’.

  • Road Work Actions: A road assessment has been completed and outlines the required road work on 8N03F to be completed.

  • Following the Flame Model figure illustrates the way to Diagnosis the system in Figure 2.4. The diagnosis of the system starts with understanding and observing the Work /Actions on the floor.

Related to Work Actions

  • tidal work means so much of any work authorised by this Order as is on, under or over tidal waters or tidal lands below the level of high water;

  • demolition work means a method to dismantle, wreck, break, pull down or knock down of a structure or part thereof by way of manual labour, machinery, or the use of explosives;

  • Work crew means a program of partial confinement

  • Work Progress Schedule means the continually updated time schedule prepared and monitored by Contractor that accurately indicates all necessary appropriate revisions as required by the conditions of the Work and the Project while maintaining a concise comparison to the Baseline Schedule.

  • Project Work means the work required to complete the Project.

  • Project Schedule means a document that, with respect to each Phase of the Project, identifies, coordinates and integrates the anticipated design and construction schedules, the Contracting Authority’s and Owner's responsibilities, government authority reviews and other activities as are necessary for the timely completion of the Work.

  • aerial work means an aircraft operation in which an aircraft is used for specialised services such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, search and rescue, and aerial advertisement;

  • Construction Work means any work in connection with

  • Remedial Work has the meaning assigned such term in Section 8.10(a).

  • Action area means all areas to be affected directly or indirectly by the Federal action and not merely the immediate area involved in the action (50 CFR 402.02).

  • Tenant Improvements Defined in Exhibit B, if any.

  • Demolition works means any physical activity to tear down or break up a structure (or part thereof) or surface, or the like, and includes the loading of demolition waste and the unloading of plant or machinery.

  • audiovisual work means a work that consists of a series of related images which impart the impression of motion, with or without accompanying sounds, susceptible of being made visible and, where accompanied by sounds, susceptible of being made audible;

  • Construction Activities means the disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, excavation activities or other construction-related activities.

  • Urgent Work means any urgent measures which in the opinion of Engineer-in-charge become necessary during the progress of the work to obviate any risk of accident or failure or disruption of generation which become necessary for security.

  • Contract Work means everything required to be furnished and done by the Contractor by any one or more of the parts of the Contract referred to in Article 1, except Extra Work as hereinafter defined.

  • Work means all Services to be performed, goods to be delivered, and any appurtenant actions performed, and items produced, conceived, or developed, including Deliverables.

  • Design-build team means an entity that consists of:

  • Standard Specifications means a compilation in book form of specifica- tions approved for general application and repetitive use;

  • Project Plans mean the plans for the Project that are attached to this Agreement as Exhibit “B.”

  • Work Schedule means the approved order and timeline for how the requirements of this contract, including Work on individual Units or groups of Units, will be fulfilled by the Contractor.

  • Tenant’s Work means all improvements, alterations, fixture, equipment, and signage installation, and furniture placement necessary or appropriate for the conduct of the Permitted Use, including all work described as Tenant’s Work on Exhibit D, attached (the “Work Letter”).

  • Extra Work means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.

  • Work package means a major sub-division of the proposed project.

  • Tenant Improvement Work means the construction of the Tenant Improvements, together with any related work (including demolition) that is necessary to construct the Tenant Improvements.

  • The Work means each and every activity required for the successful performance of the services described in Section II, the Terms of Reference.