(14) The term definition

(14) The term  supplement’ means a request
(14) The term  supplement’ means a re- quest to the Secretary to approve a change in a biosimilar biological product applica- tion which has been approved, including a supplement requesting that the Secretary determine that the biosimilar biological product meets the standards for interchange- ability described in section 351(k)(4) of the Public Health Service Act.
(14) The term  part 121’ means part 121 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations;

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(14) The term  outyear’ means a fiscal year one or more years after the budget year.’’.
(14) The term  political committee" means a combination of two or more individuals, such as any person, committee, association, organization, or other entity that makes, or accepts anything of value to make, contributions or expenditures and has one or more of the following characteristics:
(14) The term  political committee" means a combination of two or more
(14) The term . Government official’ means
(14) The term  vehicle identification number’ means the 17 character number used by the auto- mobile industry to identify individual automobiles; and
(14) The term  vulnerability assessment’ means the identi- fication of weaknesses in the security of a chemical facility of interest.
(14) The term  administrative costs’ means