Definition of (i) the term

(i) the term Internet’ means the inter- national computer network of both Federal and non-Federal interoperable packet switched data networks; and

(i) the term financial institution’ means a broker or dealer, a depository institution, a futures commission merchant, a credit union, or any other institution, as deter- mined by the Board by regulation to be a fi- nancial institution; and

(i) the term class of products’ means any of the categories designated and numbered as a ‘class of products’ in the 1977 Census of Manufacturers com- piled and published by the Secretary of Commerce under title 13 of the United States Code, and

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(i) the term disaster area’ means the area for which the applicable major disaster was declared;

(i) the term express lender’ means any lender authorized by the Administration to participate in the Express Loan Program.

(i) the term exempt H–1B nonimmigrant’ means an H– 1B nonimmigrant who—

(i) the term agency’ means the De-3

(i) the term personal wireless services’ means commercial mobile services, unlicensed wireless serv- ices, and common carrier wireless exchange access services;

(i) the term small business’ means an unin-11

(i) the term all patients’ means pa-3