(15) The term definition

(15) The term  data’ means recorded informa-
(15) The term  voucher’ means an electronic trans- fer of funds to a dealer based on an eligible trans- action under this program.
(15) The term  serious bodily injury’ means

Examples of (15) The term in a sentence

  • In the construction of this Act, the words and expressions following shall have the meanings by this section hereinafter assigned to them, unless such meanings be repugnant to or inconsistent with the context, that is to say,- 15 The term " waste lands " shall mean waste lands of the Crown within the Province of Taranaki.

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(15) The term  part 135’ means part 135 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations;
(15) The term . Administration’ means all
(15) The term . HIV’ means infection with the
(15) The term  grant-in-aid’ means a scholarship,
(15) The term  management controls’ means
(15) The term  new unit’ means a unit that
(15) The term . Indian tribe’ means any Indian