(16) The term definition

(16) The term  vehicle’ means any carriage or other contriv- ance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transpor- tation on land, on water, or through the air.’’.
(16) The term  reservation’ means any feder-
(16) The term  data asset’ means a collection

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(16) The term  scheduled service’ means—
(16) The term . Sublicensee” shall mean any Affiliate or third party to whom Licensee grants the right under the Licensed Patents to make, use and/or sell Licensed Product and/or Licensed Processes.”
(16) The term  windstorm’ means any hur- ricane, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, or other wind event.’’.
(16) The term  data asset’ means a collec- tion of data elements or data sets that may be grouped together;
(16) The term  nonutility unit’ means a unit
(16) The term  duct burner’ means a combus-
(16) The term . Attorney General” means the Attorney General for the District of Columbia provided for by part C-I of title IV.”.