(17) The term definition

(17) The term . Indian lands’ means—
(17) The term  elder justice’ means—
(17) The term . IECC’ means the International

More Definitions of (17) The term

(17) The term  special victim offense’ means—
(17) The term . Secretary’ means the Secretary of Transpor- tation;
(17) The term  facility’ means all buildings,
(17) The term  broadband service’ means a service that is used to deliver video or to provide access to the Internet or content and services similar to that accessible through the Internet, and that consists of the offering of:
(17) The term . Write Your Own company’ means a private property insurance company that participates in the Write Your Own Program.’’.
(17) The term  covered offense’ means—
(17) The term  chemical identity’ means, with