(12) The term definition

(12) The term . Phase II’ means—
(12) The term  administrative costs’ means
(12) The term  mainline route’ means a city pair in which a mainline carrier is tendered nonpriority bypass mail;

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(12) The term  as soon as possible’ means within a 24-hour period.’’;
(12) The term  public information’ means any information, regardless of form or format, that an agency discloses, dissemi­ nates, or makes available to the public;
(12) The term  tribal government’ means the
(12) The term  shared service’ means a centralized business or mission capability that is provided to multiple organizations within an agency or to multiple agencies.’’.
(12) The term  third party’ means the Ex-
(12) The term  person’ means any indi- vidual, firm, corporation, educational insti- tution, financial institution, governmental entity, or legal or other entity;’’.
(12) The term  designated entity’ means an entity designated by the Attorney General under section 3(f)(2)(A).’’.