(12) The term definition

(12) The term . Phase II’ means—
(12) The term  administrative costs’ means
(12) The term  shared service’ means a centralized business or mission capability that is provided to multiple organizations within an agency or to multiple agencies.’’.

Examples of (12) The term in a sentence

  • ELIGIBILITY 1.2 The term " Architect" will mean any person who at the time of his application is registered with the Council of Architecture under the Architects Act, 1972.

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(12) The term  shared service’ means a cen-
(12) The term . Program plan’ means a health
(12) The term  shoreside processor’ means any per- son or vessel that receives unprocessed fish, except catcher/processors, motherships, buying stations, res- taurants, or persons receiving fish for personal con- sumption or bait.
(12) The term . Program plan’ means a health benefits plan offered under the Program; and
(12) The term  mainline route’ means a city pair in which a mainline carrier is tendered nonpriority bypass mail;
(12) The term  participate’ means to partici-
(12) The term . State’ means a State of the