(B) the term definition

(B) the term . V’ means the chilled or frozen compartment volume (ft3) (as defined in the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Standard HRF1–1979).
(B) the term  biomass’ means any organic matter that is available on a renewable or recurring basis, including agricul- tural crops and trees, wood and wood wastes and residues, plants (including aquatic plants), grasses, residues, fibers, and animal wastes, municipal wastes, and other waste materials.’’.
(B) the term  physical presence’ means a place of business that—

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(B) the term  total aircraft inventory’ means aircraft authorized to a flying unit for operations or training.’’.
(B) the term  mortgage insurance’ means—
(B) the term . United States’’ means the fifty States and the District of Columbia.’
(B) the term  limited tax benefit’ means— ‘‘(1) any revenue provision that—
(B) the term  backup aircraft inventory’ means air- craft above the primary aircraft inventory to permit sched- uled and unscheduled depot level maintenance, modifica- tions, inspections, and repairs, and certain other mitigating circumstances without reduction of aircraft available for the assigned mission.
(B) the term  veterans memorial object’ means any object, including a physical structure or portion thereof, that—
(B) the term . United States’’ means the continen- tal United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)’.