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(3) The term eleventh circuit’ means the eleventh judicial circuit of the United States established by the amendment made by section 2(3) of this Act [add- ing item relating to the eleventh circuit in this sec- tion].’’

(3) The term nonmajor rule’ means any rule that is not a major rule; and

(3) The term Inter-Agency Memorandum’ means the Inter-Agency Memorandum of Agreement Re- garding Oil Spill Planning and Response Activities under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act’s Na- tional Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Con- tingency Plan and the Endangered Species Act [of 1973, 16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.], effective on July 22, 2001;

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I .3 The term " Minimum Functions" includes all work performed (or Granted to be performed) pursuant to subparts D, E, H, and K of45 CFR 155, if such work requires the Business Partner to create, collect, use, or disclose Pll.
J~ (3) The term " serial " under this section shdl mea6 'and refer to any book which is first published in separate'8rticles or as a tale or short story complete in one issue in"a'%ews- .

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(3) The term Treaty on Open Skies’ means the Treaty on Open Skies, signed at Helsinki on March 24, 1992.’’

(3) The term renewable energy’ means electricity gen- erated from—

(3) The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Interior;

(3) The term capital structure debt’ means all unsecured debt of the debtor for borrowed money for which the debtor is the primary obligor, other than a qualified financial contract and other than debt secured by a lien on property of the estate that is to be transferred to a bridge company pursuant to an order of the court under section 1185(a).

(3) The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Interior.

(3) The term neglect’ means the failure of a caregiver or fiduciary to provide the goods or services that are necessary to maintain the health or safety of an individual in later life.

(3) The term program beneficiary’ means an individual who receives program services.