Definition of Collection Charges

Collection Charges means the charges which the Municipality is entitled to recover in terms of section 75A (1) of the Systems Act, and includes the administrative cost- Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy 2018-2019 Page 5 of 64

Examples of Collection Charges in a sentence

Gross Revenues less: SB 2557 County Administrative charges (see Section IV.G, County Collection Charges); the Housing Set-Aside Requirement (see Section V, Low and Moderate Income Housing Set-Aside); tax sharing and any applicable owner participation agreement payments (see Section VII, Tax Sharing Agreements and Other Obligations); and other obligations with a lien on revenue superior to debt service on the bonds; are referred to as Tax Revenues.
Enforcement of Collection Charges, Fines and Penalties Any charges, fines, or penalties (including for the collection and enforcement of rates or other charges) provided by Sections 303 (03) and 700(11)(E) of this Code, or any other sections of this Code, are cumulative and not exclusive and the District may pursue any or all other remedies available to the District alternatively, concurrently, or consecutively.
The Customer may file a substantiated claim with SBC Telco regarding Billing and Collection Charges or revenue billed and not remitted as well as revenue not billed under this Agreement.
Some of the City's major enterprise revenue sources include: Sales of Electric and Water, Solid Waste Collection Charges, and Sewer Charges.
Attorneys Fees / Collection Charges 24.01 In the event of any legal action or proceeding between the parties hereto, actual attorneys' fees and expenses of the prevailing party in any such action or proceeding will be added to the judgment therein.