Value Added Tax Act Sample Clauses

Value Added Tax Act. Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on the Value Added Tax, as amended.
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Value Added Tax Act. In the case of international guest lecturers, the university will ascertain whether or not the guest lecture is subject to VAT. If the lecture of guest lecturers working or living abroad is not tax-exempt, the university will pay the VAT (§ 13b Value Added Tax Act).
Value Added Tax Act. Exempt Persons shall be exempted from any value added tax imposed on Exempted Services, Works, or Goods upon applying to the Internal Revenue Board for refund of the value added tax paid for the Exempted Services, Works, or Goods. In accordance with Section 2.4(c), refund of the value added tax shall be made within 30 days (or such other period as may be agreed in writing by the Parties) after the Government is notified in writing that such Tax has been paid.

Related to Value Added Tax Act

  • Value Added Tax (VAT Where appropriate, VAT will be added to the fees or charges on your investment.

  • Value Added Tax (a) All consideration expressed to be payable under a Finance Document by any Party to a Finance Party shall be deemed to be exclusive of any VAT. If VAT is chargeable on any supply made by any Finance Party to any Party in connection with a Finance Document, that Party shall pay to the Finance Party (in addition to and at the same time as paying the consideration) an amount equal to the amount of the VAT.

  • VAT (a) All amounts expressed to be payable under a Finance Document by any Party to a Finance Party which (in whole or in part) constitute the consideration for any supply for VAT purposes are deemed to be exclusive of any VAT which is chargeable on that supply, and accordingly, subject to paragraph (b) below, if VAT is or becomes chargeable on any supply made by any Finance Party to any Party under a Finance Document and such Finance Party is required to account to the relevant tax authority for the VAT, that Party must pay to such Finance Party (in addition to and at the same time as paying any other consideration for such supply) an amount equal to the amount of the VAT (and such Finance Party must promptly provide an appropriate VAT invoice to that Party).

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST (a) For the purposes of clause 9:

  • Goods and Services Tax You shall be responsible for all goods and services tax and all other taxes imposed on or payable in respect of any amount required to be paid under this Agreement. We may debit the amount of such tax to your Card Account.

  • Prices; Taxes 1.1 Prices are subject to change at any time, except with respect to orders which have been accepted by Seller and outstanding quoted prices which shall be valid for the longer of 10 days or the period specified with the quote. All prices are based on the quantity indicated and are Ex Works (“EXW” - Incoterms 2010) Seller’s facility. Any notice or instruction from the Buyer requesting a change in the quantity specifications, scope of work, or other terms, will not be effective unless accepted in writing by Seller, including appropriate adjustments to price, specifications, delivery date and other terms. Seller reserves the right to correct errors in pricing due to inaccurate or incomplete information, clerical mistakes or other causes.

  • GST (a) Amounts specified in the standing offer prices from time to time and other amounts payable under this contract may be stated to be exclusive or inclusive of GST. Paragraph (b) applies unless an amount is stated to include GST.

  • AVOIDANCE OF DOUBLE TAXATION 1. The laws in force in either of the Contracting States will continue to govern the taxation of income in the respective Contracting States except where provisions to the contrary are made in this Agreement.

  • Sales Taxes The Seller shall bear and pay, and shall reimburse the Purchaser and the Purchaser’s affiliates for, any sales taxes, use taxes, transfer taxes, documentary charges, recording fees or similar taxes, charges, fees or expenses that may become payable in connection with the sale of the Assets to the Purchaser or in connection with any of the other Transactions.

  • Special Taxing Districts SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICTS MAY BE SUBJECT TO GENERAL OBLIGATION INDEBTEDNESS THAT IS PAID BY REVENUES PRODUCED FROM ANNUAL TAX LEVIES ON THE TAXABLE PROPERTY WITHIN SUCH DISTRICTS. PROPERTY OWNERS IN SUCH DISTRICTS MAY BE PLACED AT RISK FOR INCREASED MILL LEVIES AND TAX TO SUPPORT THE SERVICING OF SUCH DEBT WHERE CIRCUMSTANCES ARISE RESULTING IN THE INABILITY OF SUCH A DISTRICT TO DISCHARGE SUCH INDEBTEDNESS WITHOUT SUCH AN INCREASE IN MILL LEVIES. BUYERS SHOULD INVESTIGATE THE SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICTS IN WHICH THE PROPERTY IS LOCATED BY CONTACTING THE COUNTY TREASURER, BY REVIEWING THE CERTIFICATE OF TAXES DUE FOR THE PROPERTY AND BY OBTAINING FURTHER INFORMATION FROM THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, THE COUNTY CLERK AND RECORDER, OR THE COUNTY ASSESSOR. A tax certificate from the respective county treasurer listing any special taxing districts that effect the Property (Tax Certificate) must be delivered to Buyer on or before Record Title Deadline. If the Property is located within a special taxing district and such inclusion is unsatisfactory to Buyer, in Buyer’s sole subjective discretion, Buyer may object, on or before Record Title Objection Deadline. If the Tax Certificate shows that the Property is included in a special taxing district and is received by Buyer after the Record Title Deadline, Buyer has until the earlier of Closing or ten days after receipt by Buyer to review and object to the Property’s inclusion in a special taxing district as unsatisfactory to Buyer.

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