THE BUILDING COMMON AREAS. The pedestrian ways, entrance halls, corridors, passages, lobbies, landings, staircases, lifts, the main structure of the Building, the roof and foundations, the external walls, internal load bearing walls and the structural parts of the roofs, ceilings and floors, all party structures, boundary walls and all exterior parts of the Building, any part of the Building reserved by the Landlord for the housing of plant or otherwise in connection with or required for the provision of services and any other amenities in the Building or within the curtilage of it which are or may from time to time be provided or designated by the Landlord for common use by the Tenant and the occupiers of the Building and all other persons permitted by the Landlord but excluding the Lettable Areas and the areas licensed to Xxxx Player & Sons Limited for the period of the Licence granted by the Landlord to Xxxx Player being a storage room on the first floor of the building and an area located on the ground floor of the building comprising an area for a reception desk and chairs being the areas more particluarly shown on the plan or map attached hereto and thereon referred to as plan no.5. All conduits in, upon, over, under or within and exclusively serving the Building except any that form part of the Lettable Areas.


  • Common Areas Tenant shall have the non-exclusive right to use in common with other tenants in the Project, and subject to the rules and regulations referred to in Article 5 of this Lease, those portions of the Project which are provided, from time to time, for use in common by Landlord, Tenant and any other tenants of the Project (such areas, together with such other portions of the Project designated by Landlord, in its discretion, are collectively referred to herein as the “Common Areas”). Landlord shall maintain and operate the Common Areas, including all sprinkler and other systems serving the Common Areas, in a first class manner, and the use thereof shall be subject to such rules, regulations and restrictions as Landlord may reasonably make from time to time. Landlord reserves the right to close temporarily, make alterations or additions to, or change the location of elements of the Project and the Common Areas, provided that in connection therewith Landlord will use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any interference with Tenant’s use of and access to the Premises and parking areas.

  • Premises Building Project and Common Areas 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.

  • Common Area During the Lease Term, Tenant shall have the nonexclusive right to access and use those portions of the Common Area which are provided, from time to time, for use in common by Landlord, Tenant and/or other tenants of the Project. Landlord reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the Common Area (including, without limitation, increasing or reducing the size thereof, adding additional or removing structures, facilities or other improvements that are situated in the Common Areas, or changing the use, configuration and elements thereof), to designate certain areas for the exclusive use of Landlord and/or certain tenants of the Project, and to close or restrict access to certain portions of the Common Area from time to time for repair, maintenance or construction or to prevent a dedication thereof; provided that (i) Tenant nevertheless shall at all times have reasonable access to the Premises and to parking areas serving the Premises, and (ii) any such modifications, when completed, shall not unreasonably interfere with or restrict Tenant’s access to or possession or use of the Premises. Landlord further reserves the right to establish, repeal and amend from time to time rules and regulations for the use of the Common Area and to grant easements or other rights to use the Common Area to others; provided that no amendment to the rules and regulations shall unreasonably interfere with or restrict Tenant’s access to or possession or use of the Premises. The “Common Area” shall consist of (x) the “Project Common Area”, which includes all portions of the Project other than the Project Buildings, including landscaping, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, curbs, parking lots (including striping), roadways within the Project, sprinkler systems, lighting, surface water drainage systems, and additional or different facilities as Landlord may from time to time designate or install or make available for the use by Tenant in common with others, and (y) the “Building Common Area”, which includes all ground floor lobbies, mechanical areas, stairwells, elevators and elevator shafts, pipe, cabling and wiring shafts, together with their enclosing walls, located in the Building, plus, to the extent not leased to an occupant, all ground floor entrances, elevator and other ground floor common corridors and ground floor hallways, ground floor restrooms, janitor closets, telephone closets, electric closets and other public or common areas located on the ground floor of the Building.

  • Building With respect to each parcel of Real Estate, all of the buildings, structures and improvements now or hereafter located thereon. Business Day. Any day on which banking institutions located in the same city and State as the Agent’s Head Office are located are open for the transaction of banking business and, in the case of LIBOR Rate Loans, which also is a LIBOR Business Day.

  • Premises Parking and Common Areas 2.1 Letting Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, the Premises, for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the terms covenants and conditions set forth in this Lease. Unless otherwise provided herein, any statement of square footage set forth in this Lease, or that may have been used in calculating rental and/or Common Area Operating Expenses, is an approximation which Lessor and Lessee agree is reasonable and the rental and Lessee's Share (as defined in Paragraph 1.6(b)) based thereon is not subject to revision whether or not the actual square footage is more or less.

  • Building Renovations It is specifically understood and agreed that Landlord has made no representation or warranty to Tenant and has no obligation and has made no promises to alter, remodel, improve, renovate, repair or decorate the Premises, Building, or any part thereof and that no representations respecting the condition of the Premises or the Building have been made by Landlord to Tenant except as specifically set forth herein or in the Work Letter Agreement. However, Tenant hereby acknowledges that Landlord is currently renovating or may during the Lease Term renovate, improve, alter, or modify (collectively, the "Renovations") the Project, the Building and/or the Premises including without limitation the parking structure, common areas, systems and equipment, roof, and structural portions of the same, which Renovations may include, without limitation, (i) installing sprinklers in the Building common areas and tenant spaces, (ii) modifying the common areas and tenant spaces to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including regulations relating to the physically disabled, seismic conditions, and building safety and security, and (iii) installing new floor covering, lighting, and wall coverings in the Building common areas, and in connection with any Renovations, Landlord may, among other things, erect scaffolding or other necessary structures in the Building, limit or eliminate access to portions of the Project, including portions of the common areas, or perform work in the Building, which work may create noise, dust or leave debris in the Building. Tenant hereby agrees that such Renovations and Landlord's actions in connection with such Renovations shall in no way constitute a constructive eviction of Tenant nor entitle Tenant to any abatement of Rent. Landlord shall have no responsibility or for any reason be liable to Tenant for any direct or indirect injury to or interference with Tenant's business arising from the Renovations, nor shall Tenant be entitled to any compensation or damages from Landlord for loss of the use of the whole or any part of the Premises or of Tenant's personal property or improvements resulting from the Renovations or Landlord's actions in connection with such Renovations, or for any inconvenience or annoyance occasioned by such Renovations or Landlord's actions.

  • Building Systems The mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sanitary, sprinkler, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security, life-safety, elevator and other service systems or facilities of the Building up to the point of connection of localized distribution to the Premises (excluding, however, supplemental HVAC systems of tenants, sprinklers and the horizontal distribution systems within and servicing the Premises and by which mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, security, life-safety and other service systems are distributed from the base Building risers, feeders, panelboards, etc. for provision of such services to the Premises). Business Days: All days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Observed Holidays. Code: The Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended.

  • Leased Premises Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee leases and takes from Lessor, the Leased Premises subject to the conditions of this Lease.

  • Building and Improvements Lessor shall obtain and keep in force a policy or policies of insurance in the name of Lessor, with loss payable to Lessor, any ground-lessor, and to any Lender insuring loss or damage to the Premises. The amount of such insurance shall be equal to the full replacement cost of the Premises, as the same shall exist from time to time, or the amount required by any Lender, but in no event more than the commercially reasonable and available insurable value thereof. Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations, Trade Fixtures, and Lessee’s personal property shall be insured by Lessee under Paragraph 8.4. If the coverage is available and commercially appropriate, such policy or policies shall insure against all risks of direct physical loss or damage (except the perils of flood and/or earthquake unless required by a Lender), including coverage for debris removal and the enforcement of any Applicable Requirements requiring the upgrading, demolition, reconstruction or replacement of any portion of the Premises as the result of a covered loss. Said policy or policies shall also contain an agreed valuation provision in lieu of any coinsurance clause, waiver of subrogation, and inflation guard protection causing an increase in the annual property insurance coverage amount by a factor of not less than the adjusted U.S. Department of Labor Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for the city nearest to where the Premises are located. If such insurance coverage has a deductible clause, the deductible amount shall not exceed $1,000 per occurrence.

  • Parking Areas 16.01 Tenant and its agents, employees, customers, licensees and invitees shall have the non-exclusive right to use in common with Landlord and all other tenants and occupants of the Building and their respective agents, employees, customers, licensees and invitees, the Common Area parking and loading dock facilities, if any, on the Land, and all driveways, entrances and exits located within the Project necessary to provide a means of ingress and egress to and from the Premises. Such use of parking facilities shall be subject to, and consistent with, the Rules and Regulations of the Project (as set forth in Exhibit B), together with such reasonable modifications and additions as may be made thereto during the term of this Lease. Landlord shall designate the number of parking spaces set forth in Paragraph 1.01(i) in the parking lot of the Project for the exclusive use of Tenant. Tenant shall pay Landlord, as additional rent on each Rent Day, an amount set forth in Section 1.01(i). Such sums may be increased by Landlord from time to time by the delivery of thirty (30) days prior written notice to Tenant. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such notification, Tenant may: (i) accept such increase; or (ii) reject such increase for all or any of its exclusive spaces, in which event Tenant's exclusive parking rights for such spaces shall terminate. If Tenant accepts such increase or fails to reject such increase within the thirty (30) day period, then commencing with the next Rent Day following Landlord's notice, the amount of additional rent payable hereunder shall be increased accordingly. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Landlord shall have the right to relocate Tenant's Designated Parking Spaces within the parking lot of the Project, and Landlord shall have the right to designate other parking spaces in the parking lot for the exclusive use of others. Tenant agrees to be bound by parking regulations in effect at the Project, together with reasonable modifications or additions as may be necessary during the term of this Lease, as more fully described in Exhibit "B", attached hereto and made part hereof.