Trade Customer definition

Trade Customer means a Customer who purchases Goods with a view to resale in the ordinary course of its business and/or who Corney & Barrow notifies is classified as such.
Trade Customer means a Customer that is either a retailer or wholesaler of any category of Goods.
Trade Customer means a Customer who buys Goods for the purpose of a business and not as a Consumer.

Examples of Trade Customer in a sentence

  • A Trade Customer shall notify Corney & Barrow without delay if any of the events specified in this paragraph occurs.

  • Notwithstanding any other remedy available to the Supplier, if at any point (including after the expiration or termination of this Contract) the Supplier determines that a trade discount was given to Customer who is not a Trade Customer, the Customer must pay to the Supplier immediately on demand the difference between the discounted price paid by the Customer for the Goods and the full price of the Goods at the time of their purchase (as notified by the Supplier).

  • Corney & Barrow may maintain an action for the purchase price of the Goods notwithstanding that ownership of them has not passed to the Trade Customer.

  • When businesses are registered they will be able to purchase trade bags from the One Stop Shops and some of the existing independent stores where they are able to check the unique Trade Customer Number.

  • They will receive a unique Trade Customer Number for future reference.

More Definitions of Trade Customer

Trade Customer means any Customer who is not a Private Individual.
Trade Customer means those whom the Owner has agreed are entitled to trade credit terms.
Trade Customer means a Customer purchasing Equipment:
Trade Customer means the sole trader, limited partnership or limited company purchasing the Goods from the Company; and
Trade Customer means any person company or entity purchasing any goods or using any service provided by the Supplier for business purposes and registered with the Supplier as a Trade Customer.
Trade Customer means any Customer who is not an individual.
Trade Customer means a Customer who has entered into a Commercial Credit Account Agreement.