New Service Customers definition

New Service Customers means all customers that submit an Interconnection Request, a Completed Application, or an Upgrade Request that is pending in the New Services Queue.
New Service Customers means all customers that submit an Interconnection Request, a Completed Application, or an Upgrade Request that is pending in the New Services Queue. New Service Request:
New Service Customers. All customers that submitRequest:

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  • In the event that the Transmission Provider is unable to complete a System Impact Study within the applicable indicated time period, it shall so notify the affected New Service Customers and the affected Transmission Owner(s) and provide an estimated completion date, along with an explanation of the reasons why additional time is needed to complete the study.

  • Surplus Interconnection Service cannot be granted if doing so would require new Network Upgrades or would have additional impacts affecting the determination of what Network Upgrades would be necessary to New Service Customers already in the New Services Queue or that have a material impact on short circuit capability limits, steady-state thermal and voltage limits, or dynamic system stability and response.

  • For the purpose of determining the amount of a New Service Customer's cost responsibility for the construction of necessary facilities or upgrades to accommodate its New Service Request, a New Service Request that is deemed terminated and withdrawn under this Part VI or other applicable terms of the Tariff shall concurrently lose its Queue Position and will not be included in any further studies.

  • Iraq shall ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, in case of non-signature and accession on the basis of Article 12(3) of the Statute of the International Criminal Court, to file a declaration with the registrar to give the prosecutor the right to exercise in the case of the Court.

  • Pursuant to Section 205.4 of the PJM Tariff, upon completion of the System Impact Study, the Transmission Provider shall provide a copy of the System Impact Study to all New Service Customers whose New Service Requests were evaluated in the System Impact Study along with all related work papers.

  • Additionally, Transmission Provider shall post on Transmission Provider’s website (i) the existence of the System Impact Study, (ii) the New Service Customers that had New Service Requests evaluated in the System Impact Study, (iii) the location and size in megawatts of each New Service Customer’s generation project, if applicable, and (iv) each New Service Customer’s Queue Position.

  • Upon completion of the Facilities Study, Transmission Provider shall provide a copy of the study to New Service Customer, and to all other New Service Customers whose New Service Requests were evaluated in the Facilities Study, along with (to the extent consistent with Transmission Provider's confidentiality obligations in Section 18.17 of the Operating Agreement) all related work papers.

  • The System Impact Study is a comprehensive regional analysis of the effect of adding to the Transmission System the new facilities and services contemporaneously proposed by New Service Customers and an evaluation of their impact on deliverability to the aggregate of PJM Network Load.

  • If a terminated and withdrawn New Service Request was to be included in a Facilities Study evaluating more than one request, then the costs of the Facilities Study shall be redetermined and reallocated among the remaining participating New Service Customers.

  • The charges to all affected New Service Customers shall not exceed the actual cost of the System Impact Study.

Related to New Service Customers

  • New Services Queue means all Interconnection Requests, Completed Applications, and Upgrade Requests that are received within each six-month period ending on March 31 and September 30 of each year shall collectively comprise a New Services Queue.

  • New Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 17.3(b).

  • NEW SERVICE means a service, treatment, procedure, facility, equipment, drug, device, or supply we previously have not reviewed to determine if the service is eligible for coverage under this plan. NON-NETWORK PHARMACY is any pharmacy that has not entered into a contract to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment or supplies covered under this plan.

  • End-Use Customer means a person or entity in Delaware that purchases electrical energy at retail prices from a Retail Electricity Supplier.

  • New Services shall have the meaning set out in Clause 7.1;

  • service supplier means any person that supplies a service;

  • Supplier/Contractor means the individual, firm or company with whom the contract has been concluded for supplying the Goods and Services under the Contract. The Supplier/Contractor shall be deemed to include its successors (approved by the purchaser), representatives, heirs, executors, administrators and permitted;

  • Customer User means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.

  • Existing Customer means an individual who has purchased goods or services from a person, who is the recipient of a voice communication from that person, and who either paid for the goods or services within the 12 months preceding the voice communication or has not paid for the goods and services at the time of the voice communication because of a prior agreement between the person and the individual.

  • End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.

  • END USER CUSTOMER LOCATION means the physical location of the premises where an End User makes use of the telecommunications services.

  • Supplier means the successful bidder who is awarded the contract to maintain and administer the required and specified service(s) to the State.

  • Calling Name Delivery Service (CNDS means a service that enables a terminating End User to identify the calling Party by a displayed name before a call is answered. The calling Party’s name is retrieved from a calling name database and delivered to the End User’s premise between the first and second ring for display on compatible End User premises equipment.

  • Customer means the State agency or other entity identified in a contract as the party to receive commodities or contractual services pursuant to a contract or that orders commodities or contractual services via purchase order or other contractual instrument from the Contractor under the Contract. The “Customer” may also be the “Buyer” as defined in the PUR 1001 if it meets the definition of both terms.

  • DMA Customer means a Customer of a Sponsoring Broker where representatives of the Customer that are natural persons are designated by the Sponsoring Broker to have Trading Access to the SEF Platform using the Participant ID of the Sponsoring Broker and where such Customer signs the DMA Customer Documentation.

  • Customer Content means all software, data (including personal data), information, text, images, audio, video, photographs, non-AVEVA or third-party applications, and other content and material, in any format, provided by Customer, any of Customer’s users, or on behalf of Customer that is stored in, or run on or through, the Products and Support Services.

  • Service Users has the same meaning as defined in the Service Agreement (Part A) – Standard Terms of Funding.

  • Support Services the support services, as described in the Support Services Description, that We provide to You in respect of the Cloud Service.

  • Customer Contract means any written contract or agreement (other than trade contracts) between Seller and any of its customers (or under which Seller has rights) which has been entered into and signed by the parties thereto in connection with the publication of the Directories and corresponding provision of Directory Services.

  • Customer Group means, collectively, Customer, its parents and Affiliates, its Agents, and its and their respective managing members, general and limited partners, officers, directors, employees, and other representatives.

  • Support Service means an activity, such as information technology, accounting, human resources, legal, and other support functions that are required to support the ongoing delivery of core services.

  • Network Customer means an entity receiving transmission service pursuant to the terms of the Transmission Provider’s Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III.

  • Retail customer means any person that purchases retail electric energy for its own consumption at

  • Net metering customer means a customer of the electric distribution company

  • Cloud Service Order Form means all written order forms or other ordering documentation for Cloud Services entered into by SAP, or a SAP SE Affiliate or a reseller of SAP SE or an SAP SE Affiliate, and Prime Contractor.