New Customer definition

New Customer means any Person that is not an Exterran Customer, a Partnership Customer or an Overlapping Customer and that informs any of the Parties hereto of a need for Competitive Services.
New Customer means a customer who has not received the utility's service within the previous 6 years.
New Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 17.3(b).

Examples of New Customer in a sentence

  • P139 Biz Roam-Onz Global Promo (for New Customer ONLY) 1.This U Mobile ‘P139 Biz Roam-Onz Global Promo’ Promotion (“Promotion”) by U Mobile Sdn Bhd (“U Mobile”) will commence at 00:00 on 05 December 2018 and will end at 23:59 on 30 September 2019 (“Promotion Period”).

More Definitions of New Customer

New Customer means a residential customer who
New Customer means a Subscriber to local phone service who does not currently have any local exchange service and specifically excludes customers who are changing their service from one LEC to another.
New Customer means a customer who connects, reconnects, or establishes a new service on sewers tributary to the county's metropolitan sewage system on or after January 1, 2003. This includes:
New Customer means any person that registers with the Brand after clicking on the Content, excluding any person that already exists in the Company’s Brand customer Database or that has previously closed a customer account and opened a new one through the Affiliate. A customer will be linked to the last Affiliate who referred the customer to the Company based on the affiliate tracking cookie.
New Customer means a residential customer who was
New Customer means, solely for purposes of this Special Provision, a Customer who commenced service at the premises within twelve months of receiving its Certificate of Eligibility and can demonstrate that: (a) its activities are largely or entirely different in nature from that of the previous Customer; (b) if the activities are not so different, the owner(s), operator(s) and manager(s) are substantially different; or (c) business has not been conducted at the premises for at least two monthly billing periods prior to the Customer’s receipt of a Certificate of Eligibility.
New Customer means a new first time customer of the Company who: