TOSA definition

TOSA means Technical Olympic S.A.
TOSA means the Technical and Operational Services Agreement entered into by and between MX and BOX Options, dated September 25, 2005, amended as of January 1, 2007, and as further amended from time to time.

Examples of TOSA in a sentence

  • If layoffs become necessary all TOSA positions shall be eliminated first.

  • If the TOSA position is filled by an internal transfer, the teacher on special assignment will be reassigned to the individual’s previous building and position when the special assignment is completed.

  • Thereafter, upon completion or termination of their TOSA assignment, they shall have return rights to their previous school location.

  • The selection and nonrenewal of a unit member for a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) position is not subject to Article 11, except as follows: Teachers on Special Assignment (XXXX) who resign (or are not renewed) upon the completion of their first year of TOSA service, shall have the right to return to their previous school location and within two grade levels of their previous assignment effective with the beginning of the next school year.

More Definitions of TOSA

TOSA means the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 (Vic).
TOSA means the Transition and Operations Support Agreement, dated March 22nd, 2018, entered into between Xxxxxx Higher Education, LLC, Iowa College Acquisition, LLC, Purdue University Global, Inc., and The Trustees of Purdue University.
TOSA positions are xxxxxxxxx, “stand alone” subject specific positions and may be subject to reduction due to funding cuts.

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