NSC definition

NSC means the National Suppliers Council.
NSC means the Namibia Sports Commision

Examples of NSC in a sentence

  • The NSC prescribes, in general, the main frames and requirements that determine the design basis of the plant stating that hazards of natural origin with a recurrence frequency higher than 10-4/year shall be accounted for in the design basis.

  • The NSC requirements are in line with the international practice (IAEA safety standards and WENRA reference levels).

  • It was common with the underperforming schools that they did badly in NSC results if the syllabus was not finished in all or most of the subjects.

  • Tenders received after the due date and time may be rejected.• The successful tenderer shall remit interest free Security Deposit of Rs. 200000 with NSC.

  • In such case NSC may deduct the amount from the security deposit/pending payments etc.

More Definitions of NSC

NSC means and include NSC Corporation and each of its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, National Surface Cleaning, Inc., National Service Cleaning Corp., Oxxxxx Demolishing Management, Inc., NSC Energy Services, Inc. and NSC Specialty Coatings, Inc.
NSC means ‘National Steering Committee’, an Apex body for guiding the implementation and monitoring of the Central Government SchemeUpgradation of 1396 Government ITIs through public private partnership”. as defined in Memorandum of Agreement to be signed among Central Government, State Government and Industry Partner.
NSC means the Namibian Standards Council established by section 6(2); “NSI” means the Namibian Standards Institution established by section 2(1);
NSC means National Semiconductor Corporation, a Delaware corporation.