NSC definition

NSC means the National Suppliers Council.
NSC means the Namibia Sports Commision

Examples of NSC in a sentence

  • NSC shall not be responsible for fluctuation of the market rate of the ordered seed.

  • Failure by the contractor to pay NSC any amount due, either as agreed by the contractor or determined under any of the Clauses/conditions of the agreement, within 30 days of the service of the notice to this effect by Engineer.

  • Earnest Money in the shape of N.S.C, K.V.P, and N.S.S. will not be accepted.

  • To determine or rescind the contract as aforesaid (of which termination or rescission notice in writing to the contractor under the hand of the Engineer shall be conclusive evidence) Upon such determination or rescission the full security deposit recoverable under the contract shall be liable to be forfeited and shall be absolutely at the disposal of the NSC if any portion of the Security Deposit has not been paid or received it would be called for an forfeited.

  • The Security Deposit will be discharged by the Corporation/purchaser and returned to the Tenderer following the date of completion of the Tenderer performance obligation, including carrying out all necessary adjustment/deduction if any and on submission of a declaration by the supplier that they have no claim in respect of the contract or relating thereto or arising there from against NSC.

More Definitions of NSC

NSC has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
NSC means and include NSC Corporation and each of its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, National Surface Cleaning, Inc., National Service Cleaning Corp., Oxxxxx Demolishing Management, Inc., NSC Energy Services, Inc. and NSC Specialty Coatings, Inc.
NSC means the Namibian Standards Council established by section 6(2); “NSI” means the Namibian Standards Institution established by section 2(1);
NSC means the National Steering Committee referred to in paragraph 2 (b) (ii) of Section I.A of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
NSC means ‘National Steering Committee’, an Apex body for guiding the implementation and monitoring of the Central Government Scheme “ Upgradation of 1396 Government ITIs through public private partnership”. as defined in Memorandum of Agreement to be signed among Central Government, State Government and Industry Partner.
NSC means the National Safety Code as defined in British Columbia MVAR Division 37;