HKFE definition

HKFE means The Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and includes its successors, assigns and any resulting or surviving entity into or with which it may consolidate, amalgamate or merge.

Examples of HKFE in a sentence

  • If any term in this Agreement is inconsistent with any present or future law, rule or regulation of the HKFE, the Clearing House or any authority having jurisdiction over the subject matter of this Agreement, such provision shall be deemed to be rescinded or modified in accordance with any such law, rule or regulation.

  • The Customer shall promptly deliver any monies, securities, financial instruments, documents or other commodities or property deliverable by it under any Contract in accordance with any instructions given by the Company to meet margin calls and demands for Variation Adjustments applicable to any HKFE transaction or to meet margin requirements applicable to any Foreign Futures Exchanges.

More Definitions of HKFE

HKFE means the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited; 「期交所」指香港期貨交易所有限公司;
HKFE means Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited; 「期交所」指香港期貨交易所有限公司; “HKIAC” means Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre; 「仲裁中心」指香港國際仲裁中心;
HKFE means the Hong Kong Futures Exchange;