Third Party Intermediary definition

Third Party Intermediary. (TPI) shall mean an organisation or individual acting as a third party intermediary between a domestic customer and a retail energy supplier.
Third Party Intermediary means any Third Party (including Third Party wholesalers, resellers, distributors and pharmacy chains), other than a Sublicensee, that distributes (but does not develop or manufacture) the Product directly to customers.
Third Party Intermediary means an individual partnership or corporate body who or which advertises, compares or provides access to the services of a notary but who is not a qualified legal practitioner and includes any individual partnership or corporate body who or which deals with the notary as agent for the client.

Examples of Third Party Intermediary in a sentence

  • We do not accept VAT declaration forms signed by a Third Party Intermediary even if there is a valid Letter of Authority.

  • Your Third Party Intermediary will be able to provide you with details of the charges for their services that have been included in the Charges.

  • Any Quotation offered will be from a Supplier or Suppliers with whom TL has a pre-established Third Party Intermediary (TPI) commercial relationship.

  • Third PartyAny Millicom Third Party Intermediary (“TPI”), Business Partner, or other Supplier,consultant, and any other individual with whom Millicom interacts.

  • In case Hotel and Third Party (Intermediary or Representative) agreed on agent’s fee (commission), then the condition for paying such fee (commission) is that the Customer (the one obliged for payment) has fulfilled all its contractual (especially payment) obligations.

More Definitions of Third Party Intermediary

Third Party Intermediary means an intermediary or correspondent bank or financial
Third Party Intermediary or “TPI" means a third party organisation or individual that, either on its own or through arrangements with other organisations or individuals, provides information and/or advice to you about our tariffs and/or other terms and conditions, and whose payment or other consideration for doing so is made or processed by us;
Third Party Intermediary means a person who purchases specified goods from a utility in order to make an onward supply of those goods to an end user for consumption, in circumstances where the goods are delivered directly to the end user by the utility.
Third Party Intermediary or “TPI” or “TPIs” means a service provider, consultant, distributor, contractor, vendor, supplier, agent or other third party, whether an individual or an entity, who is employed on a contractual basis, or retained to assist the Group in any function of the business that requires or involves interaction with any government entity in any of the countries in which the Group operates.
Third Party Intermediary means a natural or legal person who is not acting as a natural gas undertaking, and who, in the course of his or her trade, business or profession:
Third Party Intermediary means an individual or corporate body who or which advertises, compares or provides access to the services of a notary but who is not a qualified legal practitioner
Third Party Intermediary means an organization that is not a wholesaler or third-party logistics provider, and that facilitates the donation or transfer of over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and administration supplies for a drug donation program established pursuant to this act, but which does not take possession or ownership of the drugs.