Third Party Contract definition

Third Party Contract means a contract between Metrolinx and any other Person which is in any way related to, impacts or is impacted by the Services and/or the Consultant’s acts or omissions, whether expressly identified to the Consultant or not.
Third Party Contract means a contract or purchase order awarded by the Recipient to a vendor or contractor, financed in whole or in part with Federal assistance awarded by FTA.
Third Party Contract means a legal instrument by which a Recipient or Subrecipient purchases property or services needed to carry out the Grant Agreement or Cooperative Agreement. This does not include an instrument describing a transaction that meets the definition of a federal Award, Grant, Cooperative Agreement, Subaward, or Subagreement.

Examples of Third Party Contract in a sentence

  • All protest decisions entered by RIPTA are final in accordance with FTA "Third Party Contract" Regulation.

  • Signature and Title of Authorized Official DateATTACHMENT J-1 CERTIFICATION OF PRIMARY PARTICIPANTSREGARDING RESTRICTIONS ON LOBBYING I, (Name and Title of Grantee Official or Potential Contractor for a Major Third Party Contract), hereby certify on behalf of (Name of Grantee or Potential Contractor) that: 1.

  • State ContractLocal PurchasePiggybackOther Explain: Joint Procurement INSTRUCTIONS PART I – Operating Assistance • Do not list previously approved projects (i.e. projects listed in a prior grant).• Funding split: 44.67% Local Share and 55.33% Federal Share.• Third Party Contract Requirement – all third party contracts must contain federal clauses required under FTA Circular 4220.1E and approved by the State prior to bid release.

  • The favourable variance on management actions to mitigate pressures during September follows from a review of IT Services Third Party Contract Payments.

  • Required Third Party Contract Clauses (6-32,33,34) 79-81EXHIBIT: 6.2 B.

More Definitions of Third Party Contract

Third Party Contract means a contract or other understanding or agreement (other than this Agreement) between or among (i) the Trust and (ii) a third party service provider to the Trust pursuant to which such third party is obligated to take or refrain from taking actions that are necessary or useful for the orderly and timely delivery of the Services, including contracts or understandings with (A) Advisers, (B) principal underwriters, (C) Persons acting as PEO, PFO or CCO and their respective employers, (D) Fund Intermediaries, and (E) Non-Discretionary Subcontractors.
Third Party Contract has the meaning set forth in Section 2.03.
Third Party Contract shall have the meaning assigned to it in subparagraph 1(A)(2)(b) of the Construction Management Agreement.
Third Party Contract has the meaning indicated in subparagraph 2(A)(2)(b)1).
Third Party Contract means any contract entered into between the Board and a third party for the beneficial use of the Assigned Water Right.
Third Party Contract means a “contract” as defined above.
Third Party Contract has the meaning indicated in the Construction Agreement.