The Liabilities definition

The Liabilities means all liabilities, actions, proceedings, claims, demands, taxes and duties and all associated interest, penalties and costs, and all other costs and expenses whatever (including but not limited to costs and expenses incurred by or payable by the Covenantees or any of them in connection with the Trustee’s role as trustee of the Trust) other than Excepted Liabilities.

Examples of The Liabilities in a sentence

The Liabilities shall include all of the Target Portfolio’s liabilities, debts, obligations, and duties of whatever kind or nature, whether absolute, accrued, contingent, or otherwise, whether or not arising in the ordinary course of business, whether or not determinable at the Closing Date, and whether or not specifically referred to in this Agreement.

The Liabilities secured by the security constituted under Clause 14.1 (First Fixed Charge) and Clause 14.2 (Floating Charge) (together, the "Security") shall rank as among themselves in such order and manner as GTJAFX may from time to time in its absolute discretion determine.

The Liabilities were incurred by the Acquired Fund in the ordinary course of its business.

The Liabilities include, without limitation, interest accruing after the commencement of a proceeding under bankruptcy, insolvency or similar laws of any jurisdiction at the rate or rates provided in the Facility Documents.

The Liabilities screen lists the mortgage liabilities, including the first mortgage ($500 monthly payment) and second mortgage ($200 monthly payment) for the borrowers’ current residence.

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