THE DEVELOPMENT SCHEME. 5.1 It is recorded that the development will be executed in the phases (as the term is understood in town planning terms) and that the municipal and other services will be constructed and supplied in phases, which will involve road building and other work ("the works"), which will be installed after fulfilment of the suspensive condition referred to in clause 2.1.1.
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  • TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 9.1 The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities will be provided to employees in accordance with college/district policies and available resources.

  • Employee Development The Employer may provide employees the opportunity to participate in appropriate seminars, workshops or short courses. When possible and appropriate the Employer will provide to all staff information on seminars, workshops or short courses by posting a notice on the Employer’s internal web site.

  • Development Schedule The Project shall substantially comply with the specific timetables and triggers for action set forth in Article 5 of this Agreement. The parties acknowledge that, as provided in G.S. 160A-400.25(b), the failure to meet a commencement or completion date shall not, in and of itself, constitute a material breach of this Agreement pursuant to G.S. 160A-400.27 but must be judged based upon the totality of the circumstances.

  • Development Plan document specifying the work program, schedule, and relevant investments required for the Development and the Production of a Discovery or set of Discoveries of Oil and Gas in the Contract Area, including its abandonment.

  • Curriculum Development This includes the analysis and coordination of textual materials; constant review of current literature in the field, some of which are selected for the college library collection, the preparation of selective, descriptive materials such as outlines and syllabi; conferring with other faculty and administration on curricular problems; and, the attendance and participation in inter and intra-college conferences and advisory committees.

  • Design Development Phase Services 3.3.1 Based on the Owner’s approval of the Schematic Design Documents, and on the Owner’s authorization of any adjustments in the Project requirements and the budget for the Cost of the Work, the Architect shall prepare Design Development Documents for the Owner’s approval. The Design Development Documents shall illustrate and describe the development of the approved Schematic Design Documents and shall consist of drawings and other documents including plans, sections, elevations, typical construction details, and diagrammatic layouts of building systems to fix and describe the size and character of the Project as to architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, and other appropriate elements. The Design Development Documents shall also include outline specifications that identify major materials and systems and establish, in general, their quality levels.

  • Software Development Software designs, prototypes, and all documentation for the final designs developed under this agreement must be made fully transferable upon direction of NSF. NSF may make the software design, prototype, and documentation for the final design available to competitors for review during any anticipated re-competition of the project.

  • Program Development NWESD agrees that priority in the development of new applications services by XXXXX shall be in accordance with the expressed direction of the XXXXX Board of Directors operating under their bylaws.

  • Job Development Job development/placement is individualized and shall include weekly person-to-person job search assistance, assistance with identifying job leads, interview coaching and support, and maintaining a log of job search activities for the purposes of obtaining competitive integrated employment. By mutual consent of the consumer and the KARINA ASSOCIATION, INC. , these services may be provided in-person or by Skype, FaceTime, or other online communication tools. Job development/placement may also include arranging job trials/job shadowing for individuals with a DORS Trial Work Experience Plan, assistance with completing applications, assistance with employer follow-up after interviews, use of personal employment networks in job search, and resume update. It would include time spent calling employers, visiting and educating employers and similar activities. Job development/placement shall not be paid for using supported employment funding and shall not include the Discovery process, which is pre-vocational in nature and may be completed prior to job development. Up to 60 hours for job search assistance, authorized in 20-hour increments, may be used for job development. Additional hours of job development may be requested and require written justification by KARINA ASSOCIATION, INC. and approval of the DORS regional/program director. Authorizations for Job Development. DORS only pays for job development services which have been previously authorized by a DORS official. Job Development Reporting. The Employment Service Progress Form is expected to be submitted to DORS on a monthly basis per consumer. This form is available on the DORS website (

  • Faculty Development Faculty who develop and/or teach Distance Education courses shall be provided with reasonable technical support and opportunities for Faculty development, consistent with the needs of the Faculty and availability of Board resources and services for that purpose. In the event that a Faculty member develops and/or teaches a Distance Education course for the first time, the Faculty member shall receive reasonable and appropriate professional development and technical support assistance, consistent with the needs of the Faculty and availability of Board resources and services for that purpose. In instances of succeeding assignments to teach Distance Education courses, the Faculty member is expected to demonstrate a level of technical competence sufficient to teach the course. Ongoing technical support assistance may be available to Faculty who teach succeeding offerings of the same course.

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