Definition of Teleglobe

Teleglobe means Teleglobe Inc. and all its Affiliates; (aa)
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Examples of Teleglobe in a sentence

Opdam General Counsel Teleglobe USA LLC 1000 de la Gauchetiere West Montreal, Quebec H3B 4x5, Canada TELEGLOBEUSALLC SOUTH DAKOTA PUC TARIFF NO.
Each of ORBCOMM Global, Orbital and Teleglobe Mobile may appoint up to two (2) individuals to such panel.
If the panel is unable to resolve such matter within thirty (30) days of the submission of such controversy or claim to such panel, it shall be brought before the Presidents of ORBCOMM Global and Orbital and a designee of Teleglobe Mobile for final resolution.
An example was the Teleglobe DIP financing agreement, in which the DIP lender was expressly given the right to approve any form of order coming before the court.o It is a normal practice of a DIP lender to protect its interest, but such control rights can also serve to prevent the debtor from considering strategies or bringing motions that better serve the interests of multiple stakeholders.
Nexxia and Bell Canada on the one hand, or Teleglobe on the other hand, shall be entitled to request from the other Party the delivery by such other Party, at Senior Executive Level, of a duly sworn and executed certificate confirming that such other Party is delivering its Services, or any one of them, in compliance with the obligations set out in Section 7.1 above.