Digital Wallet definition

Digital Wallet means an electronic payment service that allows you to store a digital version of your Card on a computer or device and make payments using that Digital Card. Digital Wallets may be operated by third party Digital Wallet providers and are available on supported devices.
Digital Wallet means any electronic payment system which stores your Digital Card for the purposes of carrying out Transactions.
Digital Wallet means any electronic payment system that your Card has been registered to, which allows you to use your Card or an electronic record of your Card to carry out Transactions;

Examples of Digital Wallet in a sentence

  • We are not responsible for the use or performance of any third party Digital Wallet, including if it becomes unavailable, you are unable to use it, or a merchant does not accept payment using it.

  • Where you store your Digital Card in a Digital Wallet, you must protect that Digital Card and Digital Wallet or any computer or device on which they are stored in the same way as you would a physical Card.

  • Digital Wallets may be operated by third party Digital Wallet providers and are available on supported devices.‘Durable Medium’ means a method of providing you with information addressed to you personally which enables you to store the information in a way that is accessible for your future reference for a period of time that is adequate for its purposes and which allows you to reproduce the information unchanged.

  • Our solutions in Cloud based core banking, Digital Wallet and Payments, BNPL as a service, Loan Lifecycle management and Agency Banking are a testimony to our approach of accelerating digital transformation for financial institutions and improving Financial Inclusion.

  • Where a third party Digital Wallet is used, the third party Digital Wallet provider terms and conditions will also apply.

More Definitions of Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet means the Google Pay app on an Android Device.
Digital Wallet means the relevant digital cryptocurrency wallet of each Bondholder required to receive and transfer units of the Cryptocurrency;
Digital Wallet means an applicative solution for mobile payment developed and offered by the digital wallet service provider and which allows the User to register data relate to one or more payment cards within the application and thus generate a virtual card(s) to be used for initiating payment transactions. Terms and conditions of use of digital wallet is agreed between the User and the service provider, which at the same time determines the type and characteristics of the mobile device on which digital wallet application can be contracted and installed. The User may inform on the Bank’s website about digital wallets in which he can register one or more of his debit cards as a virtual card;
Digital Wallet means the Apple Pay app on an Apple Device.
Digital Wallet means an application on your electronic device (for example, a mobile phone or wearable device) or an online platform that stores your Visa Card details which allows you to make a contactless purchase.
Digital Wallet means a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Google Pay®, or any other electronic payment system into which a Commercial Card may be enrolled on any mobile phone, tablet, watch or other device that supports an electronic payment system.