universal service definition

universal service means any service approved by the board
universal service means the set of services of specified quality that is made available to all users in the territory of a Party regardless of their geographical location and at an affordable price; its scope and implementation are decided by each Party;
universal service means the permanent provision of a postal service of specified quality at all points in the territory of a Party at affordable prices for all users.

Examples of universal service in a sentence

  • Universal service issues in relation to the designation of the universal service provider and the financing mechanism were also high on the Commission's agenda given its negative impact for consumers, and thus infringement proceedings continued against several Member States.

  • This could also have a positive impact on the control of some illegal content downloading and the payment of copyright by LANs. THE CONSUMER INTEREST Universal service The universal service provider has not yet been designated in compliance with the current EU Regulatory Framework.

More Definitions of universal service

universal service means the provision of supported telecommunication services by any carrier.
universal service. : means a Telecommunications Service, the scope of which is specified by StatesDirections;
universal service means telecommunications services including Internet access, Internet services, and internal connection services and other services that are identified by the FCC as eligible for federal universal service mechanisms. 47 U.S.C. 254(c)(3),(h)(5)(A)(ii)
universal service means the minimum set of services, defined in Directive 2002/22/EC (Universal Service Directive), of specified quality which is available to all users regardless of their geographical location and, in the light of specific national conditions, at an affordable price;
universal service means the services prescribed in terms of section 57(1); “Universal Service Fund” means the Fund established by section 56;