Technical Know-How definition

Technical Know-How shall include all concepts, methods, devices and/or ideas directed or relating to the Inventions covered by the Licensed Patents or Licensed Patent Applications, some of which may be described or summarized in attached Exhibit A, as and to the extent presently configured, or as may be disclosed in a Licensed Patent Application.
Technical Know-How means know-how in any form whatsoever other than patents or patent applications or other know-how for which MEI intends to file a patent application, which Matsushita possesses or will possess during the first five years of this Agreement, and which concerns or will concern the design, testing, manufacture and quality control of Contract Batteries and the processes or equipment for manufacturing Contract Batteries.

Examples of Technical Know-How in a sentence

  • Technician further warrants and represents that Technical Know-How and information is exclusively of his own experience/expertise/knowledge and it has not been infringed or acquired from any third party who has prohibited sharing of the same for commercial use.

  • Technician warrants and represents that it possesses the Technical Know-How shared during term of this Agreement or information and has not transferred, sold, assigned, encumbered or licensed any right, title or interest in the Know-How and information to any third party.

  • Depth and Breadth of Technical Know-How - Planning, Organising and Controlling - Communication / Influencing • PROBLEM SOLVING - Thinking Environment - Thinking Challenge • ACCOUNTABILITY - Freedom to Act - Area and Nature of impact.

  • Level of Technical Know-How: Developed countries of Europe and America have acquired special skills due to their development in technology and technical know- how.

  • I: US and allied forces in Germany, 1945-1947."; Gimbel, "The American Exploitation of German Technical Know-How after World War II."; Herrmann.; Hunt.; Bower.; Lasby.; Neufeld, "The Nazi aerospace exodus: towards a global, transnational history."86 Gimbel, Science, Technology, and Reparations: Exploitation and Plunder in Postwar Germany, 22-23.87 The French case has the least developed historiography of the major Allied nations, but still some quality work.

More Definitions of Technical Know-How

Technical Know-How means the information in the responses to any consulting questionnaires provided pursuant to Section 2.9.1.
Technical Know-How means all recorded and unrecorded information and knowledge relating to the design, development or production related to the Procurement, including but not limited to the knowledge gained from experience in the design, development, or production of an article that is necessary or helpful in interpreting, applying or interrelating technical data and computer software relating to the Procurement.
Technical Know-How means all recorded and unrecorded information and knowledge relating to the design, development of production, installation and operation of the Product.
Technical Know-How means all information pertaining to the methods of use, application, maintenance or servicing of the RMS System now possessed by EHPCI and all improvements to or developments of such methods disclosed by EHPCI to ABTI `TERRITORIES' means the countries listed in Schedule 3