Definition of Tax Protection Agreements

Tax Protection Agreements means any written agreement to which the Company, its Operating Partnership or any other Subsidiary is a party pursuant to which: (i) in connection with the deferral of income Taxes of a holder of interests in the Operating Partnership, the Company, the Operating Partnership or the other Subsidiaries have agreed to (A) maintain a minimum level of Indebtedness or continue any particular Indebtedness, (B) retain or not dispose of assets for a period of time that has not since expired, (C) make or refrain from making Tax elections, and/or (D) only dispose of assets in a particular manner; and/or (ii) limited partners of the Operating Partnership have guaranteed Indebtedness of the Operating Partnership.
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Examples of Tax Protection Agreements in a sentence

The Company has made available to Parent complete and correct copies of (a) the Company's charter (the "Company Charter") and the Company's bylaws, as amended to date (the "Company Bylaws"), (b) the organizational documents of each Company Subsidiary, including the certificate of limited partnership of the Company Operating Partnership and the Company Partnership Agreement, each as in effect on the date hereof, and (c) any and all Company Tax Protection Agreements.
The maximum indemnity amount under the Tax Protection Agreements related to contributions of direct or indirect interests in Mill Run to LVP OP does not exceed $37 million.
The Company and each of its Subsidiaries have complied with all material terms of the Tax Protection Agreements.
To the extent that the Cornerstone Tax Protection Agreements included a right to enter into deficit restoration obligations with respect to Cornerstone Partnership, such Former Cornerstone Limited Partners who are beneficiaries of such Cornerstone Tax Protection Agreements are Protected Partners and have Protected Amounts as provided in the Cornerstone Tax Protection Agreements.
Parent has made available to the Company complete and correct copies of (a) Parent's charter (the "Parent Charter") and bylaws, as amended to date (the "Parent Bylaws"), (b) the organizational documents of each Parent Subsidiary, each as in effect on the date hereof, including Merger Sub's articles of organization, and (c) any and all Parent Tax Protection Agreements.