Third Party Agreements definition

Third Party Agreements means any Contract between or among a Party (or any member of its Group) and any Third Party (it being understood that to the extent that the rights and obligations of the Parties and the members of their respective Groups under any such Contracts constitute Cyclerion Assets or Cyclerion Liabilities, or Ironwood Retained Assets or Ironwood Retained Liabilities, such Contracts shall be assigned or retained pursuant to Article II).
Third Party Agreements means any third party agreements not otherwise treated in this Exhibit H, and used by PROVIDER exclusively in connection with Services being provided under any MOA or PSA, including, third party agreements for maintenance, business continuity and disaster recovery services and other necessary third party services then being used by PROVIDER to perform the Services. To the extent any such agreements are not used by PROVIDER exclusively to provide such Services or are not transferable by PROVIDER to CUSTOMER, PROVIDER shall assist CUSTOMER in obtaining in CUSTOMER’s name, an agreement for comparable services.
Third Party Agreements shall have the meaning given such term in Exhibit H hereof.

Examples of Third Party Agreements in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating Third Party Agreements for the Project per Book 2 Section 6 – Third Party Agreements.

  • Project Co shall be entitled to invite other attendees to the Traffic Management Liaison Meetings at its discretion, including any counterparties to the Third Party Agreements so as to satisfy any Transferred Third Party Functions relating to engagement and meetings regarding the traffic implications arising from the construction of the Project.

More Definitions of Third Party Agreements

Third Party Agreements means all Agreements entered into between the Operator and third Persons, including, but not limited to other Agreements with Operator and vendors of any goods or services to the Operator.
Third Party Agreements has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(a).
Third Party Agreements means any agreements entered into between the Provider (or any of its Affiliates) and any third party for the provision of a service, goods, lease or license relating to, or necessary for, the provision of the Services or performance of any of the Provider’s other obligations under this TSA whether entered into before or after the date of this TSA;
Third Party Agreements means any third party agreements you are subject to, which relate to your use of your Card and/or Account;
Third Party Agreements means the agreements listed on Exhibit B.
Third Party Agreements means collectively those agreements between FG and a third party existing as of the Effective Date, pursuant to which FG obtained rights applicable to the development, manufacture, sale or use of Lead Compounds hereunder (but excluding options or similar agreements to acquire such rights). If, after the Effective Date, FG enters into an agreement to license or acquire rights from a third party with respect to subject matter to be utilized in connection with Lead Compounds in accordance with Section 14.5 below, such agreements shall also be deemed Third Party Agreements for purposes of this Agreement.
Third Party Agreements means the existing agreements between Novartis or any of its Affiliates on the one hand and Third Parties on the other hand that are identified in Annex 5.