Tax Liabilities definition

Tax Liabilities means all liabilities for Taxes.
Tax Liabilities has the meaning assigned to that term in subsection 2.9(A).
Tax Liabilities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.10(a) hereof.

Examples of Tax Liabilities in a sentence

  • The related deferred tax liability is recorded as Deferred Tax Liabilities for Land Revaluation.

  • IV -In view of the unconstitutionality lawsuit related to the increase in the social contribution rate, established by Articles 17 and 41 of Law No. 11,727 of June 24, 2008, filed on June 26, 2008 by the National Confederation of the Financial System (CONSIF), deferred tax assets were recorded up to the amount added to the Tax Liabilities, while the amount of R$ 2,372,365 is unrecorded (R$ 670,017 at 09/30/2008).

  • Deferred Tax Assets and Deferred Tax Liabilities have been offset as they relate to the same governing taxation laws.

  • These are calculated by totalling Deferred Tax Liabilities, Defined Benefit Plans for employees and Provisions for Risks and Charges.

  • It is mandatory to provide the self attested printout of the online IT statement indicating his Zero Tax Liabilities for four consecutive years prior to bidding along with the tender documents.

More Definitions of Tax Liabilities

Tax Liabilities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.9.
Tax Liabilities means those tax liabilities identified in rule 123—4.1(15E).
Tax Liabilities means any liabilities for Taxes.
Tax Liabilities it has complied with all Taxation laws in all material respects in all jurisdictions in which it is subject to Taxation and has paid all Taxes due and payable by it; no material claims are being asserted against it with respect to Taxes;
Tax Liabilities means any liability for Taxes.
Tax Liabilities means any action, suit, proceeding, audit, investigation or claim pending or threatened in respect of any Taxes for which Company or any Company Subsidiary is or may become liable, or any deficiency or claim for any such Taxes that has been to Company's knowledge proposed, asserted or threatened.
Tax Liabilities means all liabilities related to Taxes.