Definition of Tax Liabilities

Tax Liabilities means all liabilities for Taxes.

Tax Liabilities means the meaning contained in rule 7.4.

Examples of Tax Liabilities in a sentence

Aggregate Spin-Off Tax Liabilities shall mean the sum of the Spin-Off Tax Liabilities with respect to each Taxing Jurisdiction.
Parent shall pay, or cause to be paid, any and all Taxes due or required to be paid with respect to or required to be reported on any Parent Separate Return (including any increase in such Tax Liabilities attributable to a Final Determination).
If the Borrowers shall be required by law to deduct any such Tax Liabilities (or amounts in estimation or reimbursement for the same) from or in respect of any sum payable hereunder to Lender, then the sum payable hereunder shall be increased as may be necessary so that, after making all required deductions, Lender receives an amount equal to the sum it would have received had no such deductions been made.
Deferred Taxes means, as of a given date, the amount of Deferred Tax Assets, less the amount of Deferred Tax Liabilities.
If the form W-8BEN or W-8ECI provided by Lender at the time such Lender first becomes a party to this Agreement indicates a United States interest withholding tax rate in excess of zero, withholding tax at such rate shall be considered excluded from Tax Liabilities reimbursable by Borrower to Lender under Section 2.10(a) hereof, except to the extent that such Lenders assignor (if any) was entitled, at the time of assignment, to receive additional amounts from Borrower pursuant to Section 2.10(a).