Definition of Tax Law

Tax Law means any Law relating to Taxes.
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Tax Law shall mean any federal, state, foreign or local law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation, order, judgment or decree, administrative order, decree, administrative or judicial decision and any other executive, legislative, regulatory or administrative proclamation related to Tax;
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Tax Law means the Law on Tax (N o 05/NA, 20 December 2011).
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Examples of Tax Law in a sentence

Any reference to a provision of the Code or any other Tax Law shall include a reference to any applicable successor provision or law.
In particular, no opinion is expressed with respect to the taxation of Shareholders subject to the California Corporation Tax Law.
Please note, however, that all distributions from the California Fund, including California exempt-interest dividends, received by taxpayers subject to the California Corporation Tax Law may be subject to the California franchise tax and the California income tax.
To satisfy the requirements of the New York State Sales tax exemption, either the Purchase Order issued by a State Agency or the invoice forwarded to authorize payment for such purchases will be sufficient evidence that the sale by the Contractor was made to the State, an exempt organization under Section 1116 (a) (1) of the Tax Law.
Except as otherwise provided in this Section 4, Tax Returns shall be prepared and filed when due (including extensions) by the person obligated to file such Tax Returns under the Code or applicable Tax Law.