Tax Law definition

Tax Law means the law of any governmental entity or political subdivision thereof relating to any Tax.
Tax Law means any Law relating to Taxes.

Examples of Tax Law in a sentence

  • In 2016, the House of Representatives passed amendments to the Income Tax Law (the 'New IP Regime') in order to align the current Cyprus IP tax legislation with the provisions of Action 5 of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.

  • The Municipality agrees that under no circumstances shall the County be responsible for any costs, obligations, and/or civil liabilities associated with its Municipality function or any responsibility under any State Property Tax Law.

  • Tax Law § 1441 imposes a tax at the rate of 10% upon gains derived from the transfer of real property within New York State.

  • Nothing in this Contract shall relieve the Municipality of any Municipality duty or obligation under any applicable State Property Tax Law.

  • Under Tax Law § 1135(a), "[e]very person required to collect tax shall keep records of every sale .

More Definitions of Tax Law

Tax Law means the Law (including any applicable regulations or any administrative pronouncement) of any Governmental Authority relating to any Tax.
Tax Law means any applicable Law relating to Taxes.
Tax Law means the relevant tax legislation of an applicable jurisdiction, as amended from time to time and in effect on any given date.
Tax Law means any Law relating to any Tax.
Tax Law means any Law that imposes Taxes or that deals with the administration or enforcement of liabilities for Taxes.