Excise Duty Sample Clauses

Excise Duty. The following shall apply to Goods which are subject to excise duty (where such Goods are intended to be used as motor- or heating fuel): in advance of any delivery of the Goods, the Pur- chaser shall inform ADM about the intended use of the Goods to be delivered, if ADM has provided the Pur- chaser with an order template (Kundenabruf), on such template or, if ADM has not provided the Purchaser with such template, otherwise in writing, by fax or electronically. In addition, the Purchaser shall provide ADM with all information and documents required by ADM to observe the laws and regulations relating to excise duty. In the case of delivery of Goods subject to excise duty the Purchaser shall observe the applicable laws and regulations. In the case of deliveries of Goods under duty suspension, the Purchaser shall in particu- lar be required promptly following delivery to register such Goods into its tax warehouse. The Purchaser shall, upon first request of ADM, indemnify and hold harmless ADM from and against any claim for excise duty or other payments arising from the Purchaser’s violation of the obligations under this Clause 8.1.
Excise Duty. Not Payable
Excise Duty. Not applicable. However, the importer of the goods i.e. M/s MSA (India) Limited should supply the excisable good i.e. LMD directly to ECL showing them as consignee on M/s Safepro Equipments, Kolkata. In this case CENVAT credit of CVD/SAD will be available on the basis of importer bill of entry supported by their registered dealer’s central excise invoice showing M/s Eastern Coalfields Limited as consignee and for accounting purpose M/s Safepro Equipments, Kolkata will issue commercial invoice. In any case, the credit obtained from countervailing duty shall not be less than the amount as indicated below. If the quantum of CENVAT benefit from countervailing duty is lesser than the amount indicated below, then the difference of amount shall be deducted from your bill. Sl. No. Name of the Instrument CVD (Amount) (Rs.) for each instrument.
Excise Duty. This is the tax on the % of pure alcohol, payable to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. This tax must be paid if the whisky is removed from bond. The Duty rate is subject to change and various different rates of Duty apply throughout the EU and the rest of the world. UK Duty is not payable if the cask is sold back to the distillery ‘under bond’. Current UK Duty rate as at July 2018 is £28.74
Excise Duty. Excise Duty and CESS on Excise Duty are not applicable/ payable.
Excise Duty. 1. Where the excise duty is payable on advalorem basis, the Bidder should submit along with the tender, the relevant form and the Manufacturer‟s price list showing the actual assessable value of the stores as approved by the Excise authorities.
Excise Duty. Not applicable.
Excise Duty