Definition of Tax Law Change

Tax Law Change means a change in or proposed change in, or amendment or proposed amendment to, the laws or regulations of Ireland including any treaty to which Ireland is a party, or any change in any generally published application or interpretation of such laws, including a decision of any court or tribunal, or any change in the generally published application or interpretation of such laws by any relevant tax authority or any generally published pronouncement by any tax authority, which change, amendment or pronouncement (x) (subject to (y)) becomes, or would become, effective on or after the Issue Date, or (y) in the case of a change or proposed change in law, if such change is enacted (or, in the case of a proposed change, is expected to be enacted) by the Oireachtas or by Statutory Instrument, on or after the Issue Date;
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Examples of Tax Law Change in a sentence

For purposes of this Section 2.16(b), "Tax Law Change" means, with respect to any Lender, a change in or amendment to the Code or any tax treaty to which the United States is a party that occurs after the date such Lender became a Lender hereunder the effect of which is to cause any payment to such Lender to be subject to U.S. federal withholding tax.
For example, a few "Divorce and Tax Law Change Riders" on inforce survivorship contracts allow an exchange to a Life at 85 policy with the same issue date as the survivorship contract.
In the case of the occurrence of a Tax Law Change, the Company's right to redeem the Securities shall continue as long as the Company is obligated to pay such Additional Amounts, notwithstanding that the Company shall have made payments of Additional Amounts specified in such second paragraph.
Amended Corporate Tax Rate means the highest marginal United States federal income tax rate applicable a C corporation on the Closing Date, which rate shall take into account any change in or amendment to the tax laws of the United States in the calendar year of the Closing Date that is retroactive to the Closing Date (Tax Law Change).
Prior to the publication of any notice of redemption pursuant to this paragraph, the Company shall deliver to the Trustee (a) an Officers' Certificate stating that the Company is entitled to effect such redemption and setting forth a statement of facts showing that the conditions precedent to the right of the Company so to redeem have occurred and (b) an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that the Company has or will become obligated to pay such Additional Amounts as a result of such Tax Law Change.