Tax Agent definition

Tax Agent has the meaning set forth in Section 6(g).
Tax Agent shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 1.6(c).
Tax Agent means a person who is appointed by the taxpayer and is registered at the District Director of Tax Office for the place where the taxpayer is to pay his tax, in order to have such agent take necessary procedures concerning the Japanese national taxes, such as filing a return, applications, claims, payment of taxes, etc., under the provisions of Act on General Rules for National Taxes.

Examples of Tax Agent in a sentence

  • However I am not a Registered Tax Agent and consequently this advice does not include an assessment of your overall tax position.

  • Yang Rusheng, male and born in 1968, is a Master, a CPA, a Certified Tax Agent, and a Judicial Identifier.

  • We shall not be liable under this policy to provide indemnity in respect of any claim against any Insured: 3.1 Returns Not Prepared by a Tax Agent Any professional fees relating to, arising from or in connection with any income return that has not been prepared or reviewed prior to dispatch by your tax agent.

More Definitions of Tax Agent

Tax Agent means any person who is recognised by the Authority as a registered tax agent, as appropriate to the type of Designated Tax, who prepares returns and statements required by that Authority in respect of the In- sured’s liability to pay a Designated Tax, including supervi- sion of the preparation of, and review prior to dispatch of, those returns and statements. Tax Agent does not mean the Insured or a person working for the Insured under a contract of employment.
Tax Agent means a person registered as a tax agent under section 113;
Tax Agent means a legally authorized auditor of companies, a professional accountant approved by the Minister of Finance and any other person approved by the Minister.
Tax Agent means any individual who is employed, is under contract, or otherwise receives compensation to communicate directly, or through agents, employees or subcontractors, with the Assessor, an Assessment Appeals Board member, an Assessment Hearing Officer, or any other County employee within the Office of the Assessor whose duties are not primarily clerical or manual, for the purpose of influencing by any means, including promoting, supporting, influencing, seeking modification of, opposing or seeking delay of any official action which shall include locating all taxable property in the County, identifying ownership, establishing a taxable value for all property subject to property taxation, including the initial value, declines in value, corrections to values and any other changes in the taxable value set, completing an assessment roll showing the assessed values of all property, applying all legal exemptions to assessments, and deciding all property assessment disputes between taxpayers and the Assessor, if a substantial or regular portion of the activities for which he or she receives such compensation is for the purpose of influencing official action. A tax agent shall not include:
Tax Agent shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.02(d).
Tax Agent means a person acting on behalf of another person on matters relating to tax and is registered as such by the Commissioner;