DIP Agent definition

DIP Agent means Citibank, N.A., in its capacity as administrative and collateral agent under the DIP Credit Agreement, its successors, assigns, or any replacement agent appointed pursuant to the terms of the DIP Credit Agreement.

Examples of DIP Agent in a sentence

  • The Debtors, Reorganized Debtors, the Prepetition Agent, the DIP Agent and the Creditors’ Committee, and each of their respective Representatives, shall be deemed to have acted in “good faith” under section 1125(e) of the Bankruptcy Code.

More Definitions of DIP Agent

DIP Agent means the administrative agent for the DIP Lenders under the DIP Credit Agreement.
DIP Agent means JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., or any successor thereto, as administrative agent under the DIP Facility, solely in its capacity as such.
DIP Agent means “DIP Agent” as defined in the DIP Order.