Closing Agent definition

Closing Agent means the attorney, real estate firm, or closing company that is closing the cash sale qualifying purchase transaction and that prepares the cash sale settlement statement.
Closing Agent means, with respect to any Wet-Ink Transaction, an entity reasonably satisfactory to Buyer (which may be a title company or its agent, escrow company, attorney or other closing agent in accordance with local law and practice in the jurisdiction where the related Wet-Ink Loan is being originated) to which the proceeds of such Wet-Ink Transaction are to be wired pursuant to the instructions of Seller. Unless Buyer notifies Seller (electronically or in writing) that a Closing Agent is unsatisfactory, each Closing Agent utilized by Seller shall be deemed satisfactory; provided, that each of Title Source, Inc. and its Subsidiaries shall be deemed satisfactory to Buyer while it is an Affiliate of Seller and eligible to act as a closing agent under applicable Agency Guidelines, and provided further that Buyer shall instruct Custodian that no funds shall be transferred to the account of any Closing Agent after the date that is five (5) Business Days following the date that notice is delivered to Seller that such Closing Agent is unsatisfactory, and provided, further, that the Market Value shall be deemed to be zero with respect to each Loan, for so long as such Loan is a Wet-Ink Loan, as to which the proceeds of such Loan were wired to a Closing Agent with respect to which Buyer has notified Seller at least five (5) Business Days before funds are transferred to the account of such Closing Agent that such Closing Agent is not satisfactory.
Closing Agent means a closing agent subject to the licensing requirements of chapter 535B.

Examples of Closing Agent in a sentence

  • Closing agent fees shall be equally shared by Seller and the County.

  • Closing agent will be _____________________________________________________.

  • Closing agent for the transfer of the Town Property shall be Near North Title in Avon, Indiana (the “Closing Agent”).

  • The Consultant / Closing agent shall monitor the property owner for compliance with any “RE 66 Agreement for Removal” and complete closing with the owner and secure receipt upon property owner’s compliance with the agreement.

  • Closing agent fees charged by a third party, but only if the lender requires the particular services for which the borrower is charged and the lender requires the imposition of the charge or the lender retains a portion of the charge.

More Definitions of Closing Agent

Closing Agent means an individual assigned by a title
Closing Agent shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.14.
Closing Agent means a person who is not a party to the real estate transaction, who provides real estate closing services.
Closing Agent means a person that facilitates a closing
Closing Agent means an individual assigned by a title insurance company or a broker or originator to ensure that the execution of documents related to the closing of a real estate sale or the refinancing of a real estate loan and the disbursement of closing funds are in conformity with the instructions of the entity financing the transaction.
Closing Agent. The Person designated by Seller and approved by Buyer in accordance with Section 3.7, to receive Purchase Prices from Buyer, for the account of Seller, for the purpose of (i) funding a Purchased Mortgage Loan or (ii) in the case of a new origination Wet Mortgage Loan or Dry Mortgage Loan as to which the origination funds are being remitted to the closing table, originating such Mortgage Loan in accordance with local law and practice in the jurisdiction where such Mortgage Loan is being originated.
Closing Agent with respect to any Mortgage Loan, the title company or other Person performing the functions of a title company in connection with the closing of such Mortgage Loan.