Closing Agent definition

Closing Agent means the attorney, real estate firm, or closing company that is closing the cash sale qualifying purchase transaction and that prepares the cash sale settlement statement.
Closing Agent means, with respect to any Wet-Ink Transaction, an entity reasonably satisfactory to Buyer (which may be a title company or its agent, escrow company, attorney or other closing agent in accordance with local law and practice in the jurisdiction where the related Wet-Ink Loan is being originated) to which the proceeds of such Wet-Ink Transaction are to be wired pursuant to the instructions of Seller. Unless Buyer notifies Seller (electronically or in writing) that a Closing Agent is unsatisfactory, each Closing Agent utilized by Seller shall be deemed satisfactory; provided, that each of Title Source, Inc. and its Subsidiaries shall be deemed satisfactory to Buyer while it is an Affiliate of Seller and eligible to act as a closing agent under applicable Agency Guidelines, and provided further that Buyer shall instruct Custodian that no funds shall be transferred to the account of any Closing Agent after the date that is five (5) Business Days following the date that notice is delivered to Seller that such Closing Agent is unsatisfactory, and provided, further, that the Market Value shall be deemed to be zero with respect to each Loan, for so long as such Loan is a Wet-Ink Loan, as to which the proceeds of such Loan were wired to a Closing Agent with respect to which Buyer has notified Seller at least five (5) Business Days before funds are transferred to the account of such Closing Agent that such Closing Agent is not satisfactory.
Closing Agent means a closing agent subject to the licensing requirements of chapter 535B.

Examples of Closing Agent in a sentence

  • If all conditions precedent to Buyer’s obligations to purchase have been satisfied, Buyer shall deposit the Purchase Price with the Closing Agent (as defined below) on or before the Closing Date.

  • Buyer may cancel this Agreement before the expiration of the Review Period for any reason in its sole discretion by delivering a cancellation notice to Seller and Closing Agent prior to the expiration of the Review Period.

More Definitions of Closing Agent

Closing Agent means an individual assigned by a title
Closing Agent shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.14.
Closing Agent means a person that facilitates a closing