Lead Agent definition

Lead Agent has the meaning given to it above;
Lead Agent means Xxxxxx Guaranty Trust Company of New York in its ---------- capacity as Lead Agent for the Banks hereunder, and its successors in such capacity.
Lead Agent means Dundee Securities Corporation;

Examples of Lead Agent in a sentence

  • The Purchaser undertakes to immediately notify the Issuer and the Lead Agent of any change in any statement or other information relating to the Purchaser set forth herein that takes place prior to the Closing Date.

More Definitions of Lead Agent

Lead Agent means iA Private Wealth Inc.
Lead Agent means TD Securities, or the lead Agent that may be approved by the Bank for the relevant offer and sale of the Notes if not TD Securities;
Lead Agent means Canaccord Genuity Corp.;
Lead Agent means Canaccord Genuity Corp.
Lead Agent has the meaning ascribed thereto in the first paragraph of this Agreement;
Lead Agent means Xxxxx Xxxxxx Securities Inc.;
Lead Agent means the Red Hook Central School District, acting solely in its capacity hereunder pursuant to the Act and other applicable Laws, but not otherwise as a Municipal Corporation, or any Participant that consents to acting as Lead Agent, is nominated as Lead Agent by a majority of the Governing Board and is appointed by an amendment hereto as provided in Section 13.2 hereof.