Settlement Agent definition

Settlement Agent means, with respect to any Transaction the subject of which is a Wet-Ink Mortgage Loan, the entity approved by Buyer, in its sole good-faith discretion, which may be a title company, escrow company or attorney in accordance with local law and practice in the jurisdiction where the related Wet-Ink Mortgage Loan is being originated. A Settlement Agent is deemed approved unless Buyer notifies Seller otherwise at any time electronically or in writing.
Settlement Agent means a person licensed as a title insurance agent and registered with the Virginia
Settlement Agent shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the Custodial Agreement.

Examples of Settlement Agent in a sentence

  • If the rules and procedures of the Registrar and/or for so long as the Uncertificated Registered Securities are held in CREST the rules and procedures of CREST and the CREST Settlement Agent include any closed period in which no ETP Securityholder may require the transfer of an ETP Security to be registered in the Register, such closed periods shall apply to Uncertificated Registered Securities.

  • All transfers of the ETP Securities shall be subject to and made in accordance with the Uncertificated Regulations and the rules, procedures and practices in effect of the Registrar, the CREST Settlement Agent and CREST.

  • Buyer shall receive credit for the Earnest Money Deposit which shall be released from escrow and applied by the Settlement Agent towards the Total Purchase Price at Closing.

  • The Settlement Agent shall prepare the settlement statement, update and record the deed, collect and disburse settlement funds in accordance with this Agreement and the settlement statement, and file any required state and federal tax forms or other certifications in accordance with Paragraph 4 below.

  • Business Address of the Calculation Agent, Paying Agent, Settlement Agent and Transfer Agent1st Floor, East Wing, 30 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 219626.

More Definitions of Settlement Agent

Settlement Agent means the same as that term is defined in § 55.1-1000.
Settlement Agent means the legal person appointed in the context of the System, by a Clearing Member, to pay and to receive, on behalf of the said Member, the Margins, payments to Default Funds, the contractually provided charges in Euros, and/or Margins in Financial Instruments and/or to provide for the final execution of contracts entered into on the Market.
Settlement Agent means Investors Bank & Trust Company, a Massachusetts banking corporation, or successor thereto appointed by the Trustee as the Trustee’s agent for settling Creations and Redemptions with Authorized Participants
Settlement Agent means the same as that term is defined in § 6.1-2.20.
Settlement Agent means a person retained by the lender who provides services that benefit the lender and borrower in a transaction and who receives and disburses money in connection with the transaction.
Settlement Agent means a person carrying on business as settlement agent in a State or Territory of the Commonwealth, being, in a case where the law of that State or Territory provides for the registration or licensing of persons who carry on such a business, a person duly registered or licensed under the law.
Settlement Agent means a nationally recognized title company, escrow company or law firm, as applicable, in accordance with local law and practice, which is a party to the Bailee Agreement and is approved by Buyer in its sole and absolute discretion.