the Agent definition

the Agent means the estate agency described at paragraph 5 of the Schedule;
the Agent means such successor agent effective upon such appointment and approval, and the former the Agent's rights, powers and duties as the Agent shall be terminated, without any other or further act or deed on the part of such former the Agent or any of the parties to this Agreement or any holders of the Loans. After any retiring the Agent's resignation as the Agent, the provisions of this Section 8 shall inure to its benefit as to any actions taken or omitted to be taken by it while it was the Agent under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents.
the Agent means the Agent named on the first page of this Agreement and any successor thereto.

Examples of the Agent in a sentence

  • The Agent (he) accepts or not the contract proposed by the Principal.

  • The Agent Authorization Letter has both pre- and post-award delegations.

  • The Agent and BCCL have agreed to a further extension of the specified maturity date of the Agent DIP Facility to a date not later than January 23, 2023, as set out in Amendment No. 4 to the Agent DIP Facility.

  • The Agent for Qatar asserted yesterday that Al Jazeera is “widely recognized as .

  • The Agent cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information appearing in the report since it is provided by a third party.

More Definitions of the Agent

the Agent means the duly authorised Estate Agency or individual estate agent appointed by the Developer;
the Agent means Topproperty Lettings Limited, and other trading names of Topproperty Lettings Limited such as Topproperty Sales and Lettings, Topproperty Student Homes, Topproperty Student and Residential Lettings and Topproperty Management.
the Agent has given the Company written notice of the Event of Default, provided further however, that no notice is required if the Event of Default is the Event listed in Paragraph 10.1(c) of this Section 10; and (c) the Agent may immediately terminate this Financing Agreement upon notice to the Company; provided, however, that upon the occurrence of an Event of Default listed in Paragraph 10.1(c) of this Section 10, this Financing Agreement shall automatically terminate and all Obligations shall become due and payable, without any action, declaration, notice or demand by the Agent. The exercise of any option is not exclusive of any other option, which may be exercised at any time by the Agent.
the Agent s sole duty with respect to the custody, safekeeping and physical preservation of any Trust Property in its possession, under Section 9-207 of the Uniform Commercial Code or otherwise, shall be to deal with it in the same manner as the Agent deals with similar property for its own account. Neither the Agent, any Lender, any Holder nor any of their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, partners or agents shall be liable for failure to demand, collect or realize upon any of the Trust Property or for any delay in doing so or shall be under any obligation to sell or otherwise dispose of any Trust Property upon the request of the Borrower or any other Person or to take any other action whatsoever with regard to the Trust Property or any part thereof.
the Agent means an individual or company who lets or manages property on behalf of its owner.
the Agent means the firm of Marriott & Co. or any Partner or employee thereof at the time of Sale;
the Agent means any agent of a manufacturer, employee of a manufacturer or employee of an agency that sells domestic or