Sufficient definition

Sufficient means that the signatures submitted in support of an initiative

Examples of Sufficient in a sentence

  • Sufficient information to identify the transactionThat list should then be presented at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Council following the preparation of the list, and recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which it is presented.

  • Sufficient net income and realized capital gains of the Funds have been, or will be, distributed to the unitholders such that no tax is payable by the Funds and, accordingly, no provision for income taxes has been made in the financial statements.

  • Sufficient supplemental records are maintained to allow for the presentation of GAAP basis financial reports.

  • Sufficient material may remain for use as backfill, but shall not remain during non-working hours.

  • Sufficient DPD should then be provided in order to build up a suitable Generation Set dynamic model for analysis.

More Definitions of Sufficient

Sufficient means with respect to (i) cash or (ii) Government Obligations or
Sufficient means that the maintenance organisation employs or contracts/tasks competent staff, as detailed in the man-hour plan, of which at least half the staff that perform maintenance in each workshop, hangar or flight line on any shift should be employed to ensure organisational stability. For the purpose of meeting a specific operational necessity, a temporary increase of the proportion of contracted staff may be permitted to the maintenance organisation by the NMAA, in accordance with an approved procedure which should describe the extent, specific duties, and responsibilities for ensuring adequate organisation stability. For the purpose of this subparagraph, employed means the person is directly employed as an individual by the maintenance organisation whereas contracted/tasked means the person is employed by another organisation or military unit and contracted/tasked by that organisation to the maintenance organisation. In the case of MOD/Industrial partnered support arrangements, the MOD element of the maintenance organisation should be considered, for the purpose of this clause, as part of the industry workforce.
Sufficient means that the committee believes that the research proposal is of sufficient level and it is likely that the prospective doctoral candidate will complete his doctoral programme within the remaining period. • “INSUFFICIENT” means that the committee believes that the research proposal is of insufficient level and/or it is unlikely that the prospective doctoral candidate will complete his doctoral programme within the remaining period. The committee will mention specific targets for improvement that can be achieved in a period of three months.
Sufficient means adequate; of such quality, number, force, or value as is necessary for a given purpose.135
Sufficient means that the policies, procedures, and guidelines used in place of Document 1 address audit capabilities regarding the receipt of cyber threat information shared by any non-Federal entity and appropriate sanctions for individuals who knowingly and willfully conduct activities under this Statute in an unauthorized manner. When used in place of Document 2, “sufficient” means that the policies, procedures, and guidelines address safeguarding and removing PII, and notifying entities when information received under the Statute did not constitute a cyber threat.
Sufficient means that it is enough to guarantee validly, the other idea.
Sufficient information means enough scientific information collected using standard biological, hydrologic, or hydraulic methods to develop the recommended flow prescription. Level of effort creating a flow prescription should correspond to how the project relates to its biological and physical setting. As the proposed project increases in water requested relative to water available, risk to ecosystem functions, and complexity, so too will the level of detail necessary to develop a flow prescription. This approach responds to the economic feasibility realities noted in SB 839.