Resources definition

Resources shall have the meaning set forth in Section 23.1 of this Agreement.
Resources means all solid, liquid or gaseous mineral resources in situ in the Area at or beneath the seabed, including polymetallic nodules;
Resources means all liquid and non-liquid assets that are owned in part or in whole by the individual household, that could be converted to cash to use for support and maintenance, and that the individual household is not legally restricted from using for support and maintenance.

Examples of Resources in a sentence

  • Pass through funds by USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.

  • Resources include both discovered and undiscovered accumulations.

  • Best Practice Information Assessment Administration: Best Human Resources practice recommends that assessments be administered to candidates in a controlled environment under the supervision of a proctor to ensure that:The person who completes the assessment is in fact the candidate.A candidate’s responses to the assessment questions are not affected by collusion with others or by other actions that would invalidate the assessment.

  • Resources are quantities of oil and gas estimated to exist in naturally occurring accumulations.

  • Contracts with other State of Illinois agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources or the Capital Development Board must be included.

More Definitions of Resources

Resources means all real and personal property as defined by
Resources means the combination of plant, labour and materials, whether they be external (contactors/consultants) or internal (staff/day labour).
Resources means petroleum quantities that originally existed on or within the earth’s crust in naturally occurring accumulations, including discovered and undiscovered (recoverable and unrecoverable) plus quantities already produced. Total resources is equivalent to total petroleum initially-in-place;
Resources means all mineral resources, whether solid, liquid or gaseous;
Resources means the applicable metric by which a Cloud Service is billed as set forth on an Order Form. For Pre-Paid Subscriptions only: (i) where the price list attached to an Order Form does not include a billable metric for storage and data transfers and/or network traffic, the applicable Fees for such metric shall be as set forth on Elastic’s then-current price list; and (ii) where the price list attached to an Order Form does not include the price for memory use for a particular region in which Customer has deployed the Cloud Service, the applicable Fees shall be as set forth on Elastic’s then-current price list for that region.
Resources means a deposit or concentration of a natural, solid inorganic or fossilized organic substance, other than natural ground water, petroleum, natural gas, bitumen or related hydrocarbons, in such quantity and at such a grade or quality that extraction of the material at a profit is currently or potentially possible.
Resources means cash, funds held within a financial institution, investments, personal property, and real property an individual and/or the individual’s spouse has an ownership interest in, has the legal ability to access in order to convert to cash, and is not legally prohibited from using for support and maintenance.” Ohio Adm.Code 5160:1-1-01.